Message to Rival White Label Casinos!


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Aug 25, 2004
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Last, regarding withdrawals, each WL can create his own policy, no doubt on it : believe me.

By the way, due to the fact that payments are done by Rival itself, if Rival has problems with the bank issuing payments, each white label is affected by the delay, of course, and we cannot change that unfortunately.
That is EXACTLY what we have all been saying and complaining about - finally you see they problem! :thumbsup:

The casinos set the parameters for the cash-out times - but if Rival screws up (for whatever reason) the cash-outs go late and it IS Rivals fault!

At last - we have it in black & white!

I appreciate your honesty. You have answered a lot of questions here lately.:thumbsup:


1. Can you understand players frustration when they know that you have all information you need and still they have to send new docs to every single casino?

2. Bonus abuse? As far as we have seen here the abuse is almost only from the casino´s side. I am from Sweden and at many Rival casinos I have higher WR on bonuses than many other countries.

That is a bonus abuse. (the latest one I saw was the 50 free chip with 5 minutes play to meet WR. It was not possible with the original WR and with mine 50x WR it was...:lolup: ) Or I am banned..:rolleyes: ..without reason.
Could not of put it better myself - well said. :thumbsup: