Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Jul 20, 2003
Home, sweet home
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all my friends here.

I sure have fun and great time at reading and post here as well as playing at online casino, but it's time to stop. With my kids are off school next Monday, Holiday coming, oversea trip, etc. It makes excellent timing to say good bye to online gambling. I want to go back my passion: books, movie , cooking and plan events for charity now.

This time I really mean it, so I just called all (I can think) the casino to close my account this morning. So far, I didn't get rich or broke, just break even. Very lucky!!!

Best luck to you all. I wish you enough for up coming Year 2004!

So long Annabel, sorry to see you go! I am glad to hear that you broke even though before you left. Even though you didn't get rich, at least you (hopefully) had some fun! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year as well.
Take care Annabel. If you find the temptation too great to stay away, then I suggest that you set your computer in the driveway and drive over it several times with your car or truck (preferabley a truck). Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Dear Annabel,
I know you made the best decision. I will miss your posts and the liveliness you brought to the forum. I will stay in touch with you via email. You are such a special lady and my love is with you. May you have joyous holidays and I wish you enough.

***Love, Hugs and Kisses***
Have a great trip and happy new year.
My wife just came back from Taiwan. I am sure you would love the warm weather there.
I am glad you can break even, most players end up loosing. Although it's possible to win some money, it's just not worth all the efforts.
I am still ahead at this time. So far casinos have paid me for my LASIK surgeries, funded my retirement funds and helped a wounded kitty. (she was only 1 month old when she was dumped in the high way, then got hit by a car and had her jaw broken. She is all right now.)
Maybe I should send them a "thank you" note. :lol:
Oh Anabel, you just made me so sad. You are the little angel of this forum. THat true being of wholesomeness and goodness we only aspire to be. I'lll be so sad if I don't read a new and positive post from you!

Oh well, i do wish you luck and success in all that you do. Please take care of yourself on your trip and make sure you are always smiling.

We'll be missing you tons. Hugs and kisses.

A sad Jigga :(
Oh! my dear friends.... I can't believe I met you on internet. The world is so big but so small...

I had been busy with my kids since they have no school and waked up 2 a.m. in the morning (asking for cereal). I read all your nice and warm post and really make my day bright! SMILE~

In fact, I finally sit down 2 days ago and caculate all my money follow. Not bad for a six months playing, I made $1790 profit so far( plus$1490 more if my caredit card company can dispute all the charge from EZTP successfully). It almost is the amount I need to fly to Taiwan to visit my families. LOL~ (It's nice and warm there now, 65 degree...)

Holiday season is usually busy around here. We are collecting gifts, food for kids or families who need it. Doing things like this always make me felt so blessed at this time of year.

You can't get rid of me, but now I am kind of avoiding the gambling subject for a while (I don't want to run over my computer unless I have to. LOL) and I will be back to say hello soon!

Cheer up Jigga. May Lady Luck stay with you and don't forget the cashout button. ^-^

Happy Holiday!!! Good luck and best wish to you all! Life is great and enjoy while you can.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>You are the little angel of this forum<hr size=0>​
And I thought I was the "little angel" :twisted:
Anyway, it's great having you hang are an asset to this forum, and your activity will be missed.

I have another website that might interest you. It doesn't deal with gambling at all (it's for creative screenwriters and film buffs), but at the moment it's a ghost town. All my efforts go here.

Meanwhile, feel free to pop in whenever the mood fits you. And for those of you still hanging around during Christmas, don't forget to grab some eggnog or Glhwein and tune into Casinomeister's Christmas special here:
And I thought I was the "little angel"

No admin, with the picture you have, you certainly don't look like an angel - lol.

Happy Holidays.
"Cheer up Jigga. May Lady Luck stay with you and don't forget the cashout button. ^-^ "

Amen to that bewitch. Now i have my New Years resolution...i'll start cashing out more often. Yeah. I like that. If i can't stick to this resolution this coming year, then maybe we can have a "trash your computer if you are a compulsive internet gambler - so that you don't gamble again" parade.

Have a safe trip bewitch.

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