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May 22, 2012
the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
OK, sorry if there's been a couple of people's take on the Meistermeet 2017 already, but here's my summary! :eek2:

I have now been to 3 and it's really worthwhile making the effort to come. It's usually very thick on Casino reps and staffers, thin on members. There have been notable appearances in the past, Nifty 2 years ago all the way from Australia and Tirilej from sunny Sweden as again this year. There is usually many a pledge to come along but when it finally comes around very few actually bother. :(

So at last in 2017 we had a good one for forum attendees, as Goatwack, Deeplay, myself, KK, Tirliej, Interlog, GoerdieColin, Jetset and Andy Hickley etc. all made a show in addition to Ubermeisters Bryan, Webczas, Simmo, Conker and Max! :)

I myself felt that 3 hours is as usual too short as there is so much chatting to do that it's impossible to really get detailed with anybody - I worked this out first time around so always book a stay so I can socialize after the Waxy meet and continue late into the night. An example was meeting Goatwack and his good lady briefly, and moving around only to find that a couple of hours later he had to leave and came up to me to bid farewell - I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to have a more extensive chat but in future I will find out who's staying until when right at the start so I don't make that mistake with my time again. To that end, if time and money allows I would suggest next time members book a night or two in London - you'll always have others doing the same so will not be short of company day or evening to meet up with and have a pub lunch or trip to Excel with. :thumbsup:

So having watched KK do his bollox in Grosvenor (and Dave get bolloxed!) I had an early night Tuesday as was hanging tired and feet were badly blistered - not because I was wearing new footwear or had walked terribly far, but the fact my feet have 'gone soft' since working from home and I found the hard way I wasn't used to walking miles each day as when I was working for any employer! By sheer fluke I had 4 Compeed blister gel pads in my bathroom bag I had dumped there 9 months ago. They did the trick and next day just had mild tingling and not searing agony!

So Weds I met up with Webczas at Excel, our plan to do covert filming, him with his phone and me with my pathetic 'spy shades' and we all know by now that despite practising at home I messed that up totally, epic fail and took two images instead of 2 videos...thank God for phones and Sara's camera! We had a good laugh there and later that night we met up with Bryan and Max at the Chandos pub (unusually they were at a loose end for the Weds evening!) and imbibed the finest dark stout whilst discussing music, or more precisely bass playing - Bryan's contention that lead guitarists are far more common vocalists than bass guitarists like himself. OK, he had a point, I worked out why and came up with examples to negate his proposition along the lines of "Errmmm Lemmy from Motorhead. Lemmy? Oh I just remembered, Lemmy?" Oh, yes and of course the brief exchange of views between two of us, one a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and other a committed right-winger, quickly curtailed in the cause of peace and goodwill to all men..ahem "Isn't it you turn to go to the bar Daz?" ;)

On the Thursday another trip to ICE with Conker and met a couple of his work colleagues in the pub by the Excel and also Bryan and Max were there. Excel was much quieter on Thursday the last day so it's better for the visitor in my view. After Bryan informed me Simon from Netent wanted to see me, had a nice chat there and a laugh at their stand and also met Simmo too, and the group of use tried the Virtual Reality goggles on the Join Gaming stand, brilliant idea when you just aim your eyes and the red dot at the play button, and the floor disappears when the feature comes in on the slot! Join Gaming took a nice photo of us with some sparkling model girl and so did Conker or Simmo? I think but I have yet to see the pics unfortunately!

All in all a great meet, great pleasure in smashing Bryan's 'deposit limit' at Waxy's and thanks to Bryan and the crew for arranging it and all those that appeared! :thumbsup:

P.S. Just one thing I would suggest for the awards given just before the MM. We live in an era where one site Videslots has gone out on a limb and pretty much smashed their way into the CM record books for points score, via innovations such as the built-in stake limits for bonuses on all games, cash outs, races and the rest. Now I remember poor old Roger Black when he was running the 400m for GB, and Michael Johnson the USA runner and WR holder was about too. Poor old Roger got silver in everything, World Championships, Olympics and Diamond League meetings. The thing is, there are too few awards for the many casinos to get here in my opinion. OK, deservedly VS were casino of the year, Rizk new casino etc. but what about those which quietly do the job reliably and ethically all year and can't get recognized? I don't mean 'booby prizes' for runners-up but recognition badges they can use on their sites, say a 'CM High Standards 2017' badge for every year when they meet or exceed CM and player expectations with little or no fuss and issues? Not to be handed out like confetti - there may be none, just one or eight any given year - who knows? It would be nice to see sites like say Trada and Casumo for example recognized for their ethical and solid contribution to the best of the best in repuatable sites. Just my idea, thanks for reading all this people - I'll give Vinyl his keypad back now.....:D
It was a very nice event. I caned a couple of Guinesses (Guini?) in about ten minutes to start proceedings, which surprised me as I don't drink that much! :what:

Dunover's right in that three hours is actually nothing at meetings like this, and we found ourselves chatting with a couple of reps/ affiliates for the best part of our stay, who were great and welcoming people. I also recall speaking to Sara here and there and she is a lovely lady :thumbsup:

KasinoKing and AndyHinkley were also nice fellows, and I briefly caught Geordiecolin and Chris 87 for a few fleeting moments, nice dudes too :cool:

Bryan The Man was coolness personified, but I sure missed a bunch of people there too, like Interlog, Deeplay etc and the CM stalwarts :eek2:

It was great meeting Dunover, albeit briefly, and I look forward to the next meet. I'll bring a gambling warchest - well...a few hundred - and probably partake of some casino debauchery. Best part, I'll get my partner to become a gambling degenerate as she's never gambled in her life. Should be fun :cool:
Cheers Dunover - superb summary :)

I can assure you that i would make a much bigger effort to take part in the next event but only if it is held in July/August. ;) Just can't see me leaving the nice warm weather to spend a week in rainy, drizzly, grey and cold London and that aside from having to buy a complete set of winter clothes in the first place. I don't even own a proper jacket or sweater anymore. :rolleyes: :D

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