ATTN: Casino Rep Meister no-dep accreditted casinos


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Doesn't really matter but when coming across Casinomeisters Accredited casinos offering a no-deposit bonus, I found that I don't get ANY free spins. After contacting said casino I'm told that they don't advertise free spins ANYWHERE. They asked where I seen the offer and even after saying they come back with CM are only a 3rd party something or other. Everyone blaming anyone. Can ANYONE explain this to me or is it just ANOTHER online casino scam with BLATANT false advertising. All I know is that it wasn't ME who offered any free spins.


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Are we supposed to just guess which casino it is? Casinos are responsible for their affiliates so they should deal with it rather than telling you it has nothing to do with them. Chances are its an old offer that they haven't bothered emailing CM to tell them it has changed.