Announcement Meister Minions winners - January 2017


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Feb 10, 2012
Hello all

Happy Tuesday, a day not typically associated with celebration, unless of course you are the proud owner of the secret password to the MeisterMeet tonight in London! I, along with several other CM Mods and The Founder look forward to spending some time with both Minions and other forum members tonight at Waxy O'Conners from 5pm.

To add to this 'Terrific Tuesday', worthy of its own hashtag, I have some winners to announce from our monthly Meister Minions draw. Before I do that though, I would like to mention some contributors that have really helped out this month to the Meister Minion data collection. So huge thanks to new posters Jhonson90 and tod00RS. Also big thank you's to our more regular contributors, such as osulle, dave1888, Harry_BKK, JdRocks, KasinoKing and ternur. We are grateful for each and every post made - providing invaluable information for visitors to Casinomeister.

Winners of Minions draw - Jan 2017
Deeplay - $50 voucher
Dunover - $25 voucher
GeordieColin - $25 voucher

Congrats winners, I will be in touch with you shortly and to those that didn't win, I wish you better luck next month. We have found the random draw the best way of divving up the prizes, so the more entries you make the greater your chances of winning are!

I look forward to meeting all those planning to come down to the MeisterMeet tonight! See you at Waxy's

Lastly, Bryan and myself will be sitting down on Thursday to discuss making improvements to the Meister Minion section of the forum. Please take this opportunity to make any suggestions, thoughts, musings or anything else that you think might be worthy of considering. Use this thread to make your points, all will be discussed!


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Dec 21, 2016
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Congratulations to ( Mr 1. 2. 3.) you done well so far !!!!

1. Mr Deeplay

2. Mr Dunover

3. Mr GeordieColin

enjoy the Money


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Aug 27, 2008
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Just spent my gift voucher I won from January's Meister Minions ... :D

So that's a Vegetable blender (last year) and now a Duvet cover set for my spare bedroom funded by the MM :)

Thanks :thumbsup: