Announcement Meister Minion winners - December 2016, Christmas hangover nearly gone


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Feb 10, 2012
Hello Meister Minions and forum followers - Happy 2017!

So the mods involved with the Meister Minions have finally cleared their hangovers from the Christmas/New Year's festivities and are back to collating data, drawing winners and announcing them here. Thank you to all that participated in December, your data is always very gratefully received. Special thanks go out to some top posters, such as JdRocks, babyjoker and shewoff.

Important: This is your last chance to get any suggestions for how we can improve the Meister Minions, as I will be meeting Bryan at ICE in London in a months time. I will be putting forward a case for some ways to improve the way data is collected and some recommendations of other details we can gather. Take this opportunity to either make some suggestions in this thread or PM me directly.

Meister Minion draw winners
geordiecolin - $50 voucher
osulle - $25 voucher
spintee - $25 voucher

Well done to the draw winners, I will be in touch with you later today.


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Jun 30, 1998
Thanks guys!! :thumbsup: :D