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Meh.. Enough Of This Slots BS

Discussion in 'Slots Discussion' started by slot_zombie, Mar 15, 2018.

    Mar 15, 2018
  1. slot_zombie

    slot_zombie Experienced Member

    Was going to post this in the Slot Fairness thread but it's been closed. Not quite a "quit addiction" topic so I thought it belongs in the slots section.

    Never thought I would post this message, but I've quit playing slots as of yesterday. All the irritations and frustrations of playing modern online games finally came to a head tonight after £300 in on various Play n Go's with no bonus.

    The gimped reels.. pay low variance suck high variance.. crippled HTML5 conversions, lottery slots, "NetEnt variance", being forced to low roll or get about 30 minutes' "entertainment" from a deposit... Etc.. Etc.. Biggest load of bollocks on the Net, all of it.

    It was a total red mist moment, as I gleefully smashed down the self exclusion hammer on accredited casino after accredited casino. Take that Rhino! Screw you, Reactoons!

    Don't get me wrong, I always was (just about) in control of my gambling, and still am. I haven't spent money I couldn't afford to lose. I will have no difficulties in stopping. But still, I'm no longer prepared to hand over cash in return for the paltry "entertainment" on offer from modern slots.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say cheerio to everyone before I toddle off, it's been fun participating on here and I wish everyone the best, especially goatwack, jono and Bloatgoat (lol), your posts always made me laugh, and to everyone else too. Stay safe folks... adios...
  2. Mar 15, 2018
  3. greylady

    greylady The more I learn, the less I know

    Little Minx :-)
    I truly hope you stick to your guns, another one bites the dust, just like me :)
    slot_zombie likes this.
  4. Mar 15, 2018
  5. goatwack

    goatwack Denny, two is great, but three is a crowd CAG

    Always sad to see long standing members leave, but at least it's for the right reasons and when still in control. Many of us feel not too dissimilar to this for the same reasons given. I know I'll move on from slotting myself one sunny day. I've always changed course when I realize something's negatively impacting me, so I expect it shan't be too difficult :cool:

    All the best Slot_zombie :thumbsup:;)
  6. Mar 15, 2018
  7. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    I understand where you're coming from completely; not the money necessarily but failure to get a game for it on your way to losing. Netent Variance I was assured by them at ICE is a myth, I know I've spread the term around a bit but it's more a characteristic of the generic math models they use along with the pay tables rather than anything sinister. If it ain't fun though stop! Take a breather for a few weeks or months as you may regret later excluding from good casinos in haste as I did earlier in my slotting 'career'.
  8. Mar 15, 2018
  9. aceking123

    aceking123 Ueber Meister CAG PABnononaccred MM

    fair play to you slot zombie i hope things work out for you ) good luck shame to lose a good member here as goatwack said )
    slot_zombie and ferminkuipers like this.
  10. Mar 15, 2018
  11. trancemonkey

    trancemonkey Meister Member

    Games Producer
    United Kingdom
    I see your mistake - you played Play 'n' Go games and that's exactly what you've done!

    Take care - when the fun stops, stop....
    slot_zombie and ferminkuipers like this.
  12. Mar 15, 2018
  13. Lincolnuk

    Lincolnuk Senior Member MM

    Company owner
    Fair play. hope you stick to it..
    When the lucks down reactoonz is a big avoid..
    slot_zombie and ferminkuipers like this.
  14. Mar 15, 2018
  15. interlog

    interlog Senior Member MM webmeister

    Shame to see you go, but you know what you're doing and I wish you all the best for the future.

    Take care mate.
    slot_zombie and ferminkuipers like this.
  16. Mar 15, 2018
  17. slot_zombie

    slot_zombie Experienced Member

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes - I'll be fine, a PS4 that's hardly been played and an OLED Television that's hardly been switched on await, for starters.

    Dunover I take your point about considering a break instead, but unless the way that slots play is going to magically transform in the next 6-12 months, I won't be wanting to get back into the game.

    So this will be my last post on Casinomeister and again, I wish everyone the very best for the future... and good luck in the games.
  18. Mar 15, 2018
  19. DreamRJ

    DreamRJ Out of this world! MM webmeister

    RJVille UK
    Will be sad to see another member go. I wish you all the best @slot_zombie Play N Go are killers when they are in a bad mood but saying that what slots are not? :p

    I hope you do stick to your guns though. I know I would find it difficult if I went cold turkey. But I do not want to stop because I enjoy it too much. I do not have a problem. I just love slots and always have since I was a kid.

    All the best :)
  20. Mar 15, 2018
  21. gilliebean

    gilliebean Experienced Member

    Southampton, UK
    Shame to read, but completely understandable. All the best for the future :thumbsup: xxx

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