Mega Moolah Bonus Round


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I've been playing Mega Moolah for the past weeks since the jackpot became so huge
but even after i spent more than 2300 gbp on this slot i never had the jackpot round.
I know not everybody can win the jackpots but considering most times it pays 10 gbp I thought it should be that rare to just trigger it and get the mini jackpot for 10 gbp
I triggered 8 times the free spins feature which pays on average way more than this mini jackpot so how come just to trigger the jackpot wheel is so rare?
Mega Moolah players - can u share from ur experience if u had such situations that it requires more than 2k gbp to trigger the wheel?
I thought maybe for certain countries they just offer the base game without the chance for the actual jackpot round - is that even possible?
I played at reputable casinos like betsson, netent, and casino rewards group.


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What is your bet size? It's quite hard to trigger the bonus round on low bet sizes. The higher you bet, you are more likely to trigger one of the jackpots.


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well , as i understood it there is a linear correlation so as long as i provided the full bet amount it should be the exact same chance.
betting 4 times 6.25 should have the same chance of betting 25 times 0.25
but anyway most times i do wager between 1.25 - 2.5 per spin