Mega Jackpot won on Mega Fortune

Wow - that's pretty good going - the last Megafortune jackpot was won as recently as end-May 2013:

Mega Fortune, the popular online slot game from Net Entertainment, paid out a 5.3 MEUR jackpot to a winner playing at the online operator BetVictor Casino over the Bank Holiday weekend.

This Mega Fortune jackpot is the fourth biggest in Net Entertainment’s history with the World Record jackpot of 17.8 MEUR in January 2013 remaining the largest to date. Only in April, a Swedish winner landed a 6.7 MEUR jackpot playing Hall of Gods™.
I'm stupid!
I always say I want to win a lottery or a jackpot somewhere.
I never buy any tickets and I never play any progressive slots. How in the world will I win if I don't even me stupid yes :p
Just got an email from CasinoEuro. And it is MENTAL.

Jackpot was won by a Dutch lady, same woman that won 3.3 mil Arabian nights jackpot in May.

Just Wow.
Read on facebook for an affiliate site that the bet was 50 euros. She'd not played in a week and had received a 10K comp.
Jesus, with a comp that size, I guess that she had put a LOT from the first jackpot back to CasinoEuro.
Not the one to judge, but there are sad stories about people playing back amazing jackpot wins.

All I am saying is that I hope she invested a good chunk of that pile of cash wisely.
The CasinoEuro statement relates that the big winner took a break from playing last week, and the casino offered her an incentive Euro 10 bonus to bring her back to the action.
the great bonus for "50 euros per spin" player.
They gave the player 10k cash in her account - she must be losing 10s of thousands every week for that to happen

Yea must of, thats why im never jealous of big jackpot winners. Wasnt it something crazy not too long back when someone who was betting 300 a spin won 180k?

While it isnt always the case, it tend's to be players with very deep pockets that win big progressive jackpot's who gamble more than what we earn in a year, in just a week so the casino will get it all back.

While for the rest of us we can just hope to be lucky and hit wild desire and have all reels turn wild for a few k win
Hate to say it but if:

A) She won 3.3M a while ago
B) She decided to "take a break" last week (that's usually not a good sign, especially if you have won 3.3M before)
C) They were willing to give her a €10,000 comp. for not playing for a week (another extreme high roller redflag)
D) She's still spinning a progressive at €50/spin

Then there's a good reason to believe that this jackpot won't last long. Knowing how progressives work, the folks at CasinoEuro must be REALLY happy that she won that jackpot there. Probably happier than the lady herself because the jackpot didn't come out of their pockets and in the end, they are extremely likely to get a very good chunk of that money.

That's a casino owner wet dream.

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