Media didn't report Wash DC Protest until AFTER elections!!

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Nov 1, 2005
I've learned from APCW Perspectives Nov 10th edition ( ) that the news media didn't want to report on the Online Gaming Ban Protest until AFTER THE ELECTIONS!! The protest took place in Washington DC on Friday November 3rd, 4 days BEFORE the elections on November 7th. There were over 500 people that showed up for the protest. APCW specifically accused CNN and FOX News of this shady tactic.

So I guess the news media don't want a fully informed voting populance in regards to the online gambling issue lest the voters kick ALL Republicans out, huh?
It is hard to believe that the media would not report a story untill the election was over. Here is what Debbie Richards, the protest organizer said:

The media was well informed, they were there and made several comments. As they quoted to us "Our hands are tied until after election". Which leads us to believe politicians again had their hands on the media. For whatever reason, it doesn't matter. We have it on video and we will get it out to the media and not just the media, but National news as well. Don't throw the towel in, there will be more and more. We will not give up, and we did make more stirs than you can imagine. As I said the site will have more news on it soon.

Instead of being negative, we need everyone that has comments to make their show and stand up.

I will not give up.......will you?

Debbie's site: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Anthony, APCW Auditing Director
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Other than on several Casino boards, I did not see any references to this protest either on TV or on the Internet, even after the election.

Do you have any links ????
Surely Fox is centre-right (as opposed to CNN leaning left)

Why would Fox have deliberately suppressed it?
i doubt there was a conspiracy to not cover this event. even big media's resources are stretched that close to an election.

it's great that they got 500 people, but the timing of that protest seems a bit odd to me.

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