Mecca website problems


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Mar 19, 2008
Anyone else being driven mad trying to play at Mecca for the last few days.
Taking ages to log in, usually times out and gives an error.If you do manage to get on , depositing does the same thing
but sometimes after a error it deicides to credit the deposit when it feels like it
Most of the games dont load and if they do , crash out giving yet another error message .
Seems to be down to lack of server capacity, just about playable in the morning and after midnight.
Cant believe it can take that long to sort out, it must be costing them a fortune in lost revenue

Emailed CS , 3 days later they replied ..

Thank you for your email, i hope you're keeping well.

I am really sorry for the ongoing issues on our site recently, i do understand that these are really frustrating and these issues are as frustrating for us as well.
Our technical team have been made aware of all issues and these are under review however they are taking longer than expected for the issues to be rectified on our side.
Rest assured all issues have been raised and they are under review by our technical team who are working as hard as possible to get the site back to stability.

Grosvenor dont have any problems

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