MD5 "Fair Play Control" (like Betvoyager)


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Jul 30, 2011
First time poster here.....

I have read a bit about how Betvoyager uses MD5 Randomness Control and of course played with the demo versions of a few games (Roulette and Baccarat). I started to do a search to see if I could find other casinos who use this same randomness control and stumbled upon a casino called "Luxterra Casino". Does anyone have any experience with this casino called Luxterra? I like the MD5 Randomness Control concept, but cannot find a review of them on the internet.. If not Luxterra are there other casinos using the same technology as Betvoyager?


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May 22, 2010
"Luxterra brings you into the magic world of luxury and fantasies, everyone is dreaming about. Click “PLAY” and change your life from now and forever."

Oh my God, I sincerely hope this place is legitimate. :D I absolutely love the layout and the fact that when you rollover a game, it tells you if you can play it on a bonus, and if so, how much it contributes to a bonus WR. Looks like they use "Alfaplay" software but I can't find any info on them either.

So, time to check it out...
I just registered to check it out and this is a little odd. Judging by the fact that everyone gets offered a white label, it's safe to presume that Luxterra is the work of a killer web designer with no ties to the actual folks who run the casino.

MD5 checksums are on top of all the games and they can all be checked with a button on the top-right. Games aren't the fanciest in the world but seriously, the music/sound is killer on the ones I've tried. The feature music on Freya is definitely my new jam :lolup:

They offer quite a few deposit methods, but you can only withdraw via WebMoney or Yandex (a Russian e-wallet). They definitely target the Russian market and I imagine it would be a huge pain in the butt for most of us to play here.

(But the colors are still pretty... :p)