McDonalds: to gamble or not to gamble..?!


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Oct 15, 2004
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A real battle has started recently among supporters and opponents of Neopets after publication of the article "McDonalds Gambling Neopets". :cool:

"...The content of this article is horribly incorrect . I have been playing on for well over 2 years, and there is NO such thing as an orphanage. Players are given an option of sending their pets to the pound if they no longer want one. This gives other players the option of adopting the pet..."

"...I read your story on the Neopets McDonalds promotion. The story contains some inaccuracies picked up from the original, but the truth is worse in many ways than what the story describes..."

Thousands of adult players in Australia were angry after McDonalds blocked them from playing games like poker, roulette and blackjack at the Neopets' website, reported...

McDonalds announced it blocked gambling content on after parents raised concerns that one of the cute characters at the website teaches children the rules of poker and blackjack. Beside card games the site also offered virtual roulette and wagering...

Michelle Stiebel said she was shocked when she found her nine-year-old son Harley gambling his heart out in a bid to keep his virtual pet alive...

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I just looked at the Neopets website and went to the section titled 'Games of Chance' which can be found here Link Removed (invalid URL)
I do not know what to say about this. It's like a kids online casino, except that they play for fun. The games are definitely gambling games such as 'JubJub Blackjack' and 'Neopoker', or 'Round Table Poker'. All made to be fun and inviting to kids with cartoon pictures. It is a little disturbing. I would like to hear other players opinions on this.
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oldman said:
Michelle Stiebel said she was shocked when she found her nine-year-old son Harley gambling his heart out in a bid to keep his virtual pet alive...


That's even worse than adult gambling. We gamble only for money, not to keep pets alive. Criminy.

The number of brain farts necessary to have put this all together must require an EPA statement.
all I will say on this one is "Hmmmmmm" Well, maybe that is not all.
I am wondering if shocked mommy "so and so" let her child play pokemon, or quicke, or gameboy? Has her precious child seen Nemo, or Mulan, or Pokemon? Has she or one of her friends or family members ever bought this precious one a toy-gun, water pistol or 'army set'?

I am slightly devided in opinion. We teach our children games (and other forms of activities) that has them "fighting it out" and that is okay, but because we left out child unsuporvised online, and they managed to sign up, and in and adopt a virtual pet, and gamble under the impression that it is keeping it alive, it is BHAAAD! I do NOT approve of this. NOT at all. On the other hand, it IS up to me to xplain this to my child. SO, it will only be as bad as I allow it to be I guess.

Shocking? Maybe? Irresponsible? FOR SURE! BUT.... *shrug* they could be doing worst. There are Nine Ten and eleven year olds having sex. I'd rather mine gamble for free online.


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