McDonalds gambling Neopets (let the battle begin...!)


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Oct 15, 2004
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It looks like a severe&neverending discussion has exploded around the controversial article Parents outraged about McDonalds gambling Neopets
Brief summary: A McDonalds toy giveaway linked to a website that shows kids how to gamble has outraged parents
After decades of selling soft drinks, burgers&fries, McDonalds is now accused of adding gambling to its menu

And the battle supportersVSopponents started:
S.: I have been a member of Neopets for over three years now, my daughter is a member of it and so are a lot of her friends, and I can honestly say that they arent interested in the gambling games, for the most part.And if you dont like the gambling games? Dont play them.

O.: I read your story on the Neopets McDonalds promotion. Their story contains some inaccuracies picked up form the original, but the truth is worse in many ways than what the story describes.

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