Maybe Tom Clancy was on to something?


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Mar 10, 2005
I saw this "Net Force" series in a store the other day, and it looks pretty interesting, considering what's going on in the country right now. Maybe he had an insight of what's to come, back in 1999?

I can't wait to get into the book (Waiting on it to be transferred to my library), and read the whole series :D

Who knows, maybe by 2010 this is the way things will be... :eek:

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Clancy's newest collaboration takes us to 2010, when the virtual Web looks like a stock-car race and gadgets and gizmos abound. Net Force, a computer security agency created by Congress, patrols the technological etherworld and those who hook into it. When the agency's director is assassinated, Deputy Director Alex Michaels suddenly finds himself in command. Diverted by the Chechen mastermind in Russia, Michaels and his forces are soon battling the New Mafia and an Irish assassin named "The Selkie." Out in the field, the Special Forces carry advanced armor and weapons systems while joshing around in cartoonlike jargon. The computer jocks drive their virtual Vipers to investigate "roadblocks" and "pileups." The equipment is interesting, but the action doesn't bear up under the ponderous exposition and flatter-than-a-floppy-disk characters. (Feb.) FYI: Net Force is soon to be an ABC mini-series.
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note: It seems the mini-series was a bomb. 5.0 on IMDB:
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Clancy was one of my fave writers back when he penned classics like The Hunt for Red October and Red Star Rising, for which he was praised by military and technology experts around the world.

Going back awhile I was involved in assembling information on high pressure and temperature diamond synthesis requested by one of his associates for another book, although I never did see the end result.

His more recent publications in association with other authors have been less to my liking, but he's a great story teller who knows how to wind up the suspense.

Talking of books (and I don't want to take Winbig's thread off-track here, so it's just a heads up for Simmo) Conn Igulden has a new book out about Tamerlane - I'm just getting into it. His previous series on the life and times of Julius Caesar was excellent.

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