May Competitions.


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May 29, 2004
Hi guys

Okay. The May competitions will not be starting on the 1st of May as I have some changes. With the exception of the Progressive Challenge, all the competitions will be "spot comps", run at specific times for short periods over the month. Its a bit of a trial to see how it goes.

To this end, I have developed a new version of the Game Buddy. This has a built in Chat Tool which will be the main focus for the competitions. There is also a Winner Screenshot upload window that will be used for winning claims during the competitions and the Game Buddy will be where competitions are started, administered and run from.

About the Game Buddy

For now at least, because of the technologies required, it runs in Internet Explorer, or in your Windows Active Desktop (for users who prefer not to use IE).

It is primarily designed to integrate into your desktop and looks much better and of course is instantly accesible. To test it out (beta testers needed - just lump on in and send me any feedback), go to

If you like what you see, to add it to your desktop, go to and use the "Activate" function. The Theme ID when you are prompted for it is "100001". It will run in all resolutions, however users at the low end of 800x600 may find it looks a bit cluttered. Other users will be fine, but regardless, all the windows can be "dragged and dropped" around the screen to make them fit. I run at 1152 res and that is probably the optimum.

You can use the little "dice" icons in the top right to change colours, add your own background images and generally play around with the design. You can drag and drop any window, minimise and maximise, and resize them to fit your desktop. There is a forum at which has all the "help" info you should need. Please use that if you have any questions and I'll monitor it constantly.

Additionally, you can add 4 "windows" of your choice to the theme using Dice Button 3.

It is brand new, and while I have extensively tested it, I am hoping some of you can feed back on usage. A screenshot is below and more information on this specific "theme" is available at Old / Expired Link


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The Progressive Challenge is now active for May. Play any Progressive slot at 32Red, 3 prizes of 100x, 75x and 33x. Plus of course, 30% of any progressive jackpot hit during the competition gets shared out by all other players who have entered the competition at and wagered $200 or more on any progressive slot :thumbsup:



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