Bonus Term Change Maximum Bet T&C's


Official rep for Trada Casino
Mar 5, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Hi All!

I just wanted to give you an update on a new bonus term policy that we unofficially implemented at TradaCasino in 2016, and have decided to make it official policy for 2017.

Maximum Bet Term

We see a lot of conversation here about players accidentally betting above maximum bet while playing with a bonus. This happens most often when a slot has the dreaded 'Max Bet' button beside 'Spin', or when new players take a bonus without realising there is a maximum bet term.

Over the past few months, TradaCasino have taken a slightly different approach to maximum bet term breaches. If a player is found to have broken the maximum bet term we do not seize all winnings. Instead, we reset the players balance to the level it was at before breaching the maximum bet term. We also reset the remaining wagering back to where it was at the time of the breach. This gives players a second chance, and is particularly helpful for players who unknowingly breach this term when they are very close to completing the wagering requirements.

We have had some great feedback from players who have been affected by this. In keeping with our 'Fun, Fast & Fair' attitude, we have decided to officially announce this as our new policy for maximum bet breaches:

  • The maximum bet associated with a bonus is £/€/$5 or 50 kr for all deposit methods excluding Neteller and Skrill which have a maximum bet of £/€/$2 or 20 kr per round. TradaCasino may increase this maximum bet limit for Skrill or Neteller depositors once prior approval has been obtained from Support via live chat or email.
  • Players who are found to have breached the maximum bet term who have (i) Claimed a bonus (ii) Completed wagering requirements and (iii) Requested a withdrawal, will have both their balance and remaining wagering requirements reset to the level they were at before breaking the term. This exception can only be made once per account and cannot be applied after the bonus and deposit is spent. Players who breach this rule for a second time after having their balance reset risk having their winnings forfeited.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments I'm all ears!