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Mar 2, 2007
Hello all

I have been playing in online casinos for a good ten years and on occasion I have been treated poorly by organizations but just taken it on the chin.

Last year, I found this site and now before playing with a casino I usually check the rogue list here. Recently I broke this rule to my own cost.

I recently took up a couple of non cashable bonus offers with Maxima which meant that I had to complete a play through requirement of 25x (bonus + deposit). At the time of deposit, I was offered these bonuses through the live chat support and informed of play through reqs. I specifically asked if I had any other restrictions that I should no about but told nothing. I was planning to play the Gold Rally slot so didn't think there was any issue anyway.

Long and the short of it, against all the odds, I managed to nearly complete my play through (some $25,000) and had a balance of $2000 plus in my account. I contacted live chat to confirm the exact amount of Play through remaining. Initial I was told they could not help, but as I was saying goodbye they said 'wait a minute'.... I see you are from the UK and deposited in $.... that puts you in an exceptional group and your play through requirement is 99x !!!!!!!

I consulted online T&Cs (which I should have from the start) and this was not one of the rules. When I mentioned this to online support they checked and then agreed with me but hen said....... 'But there is another trick.... wagering on progressive slots does not count towards your play through...':eek2:

and indeed, unfortunately for me this was written in the T&Cs.

I explained that online support had not told me this, even on the 2nd offer of a bonus that was authorized by the management!!!!... The matter was referred to management again and initially there was an offer to count my existing play through (after a long wait)...

When I emailed back to confirm, this offer was withdrawn and I was told that it would only count from my next deposit onwards!!!

It took a few days of contact just to get this 'offer'.

So there I was having played through approx $24,000 with $2200 in my account but having to start wagering again. Well, I could not repeat the luck and lost it all.:mad:

I know I made a few mistakes along the way but not asking live support more exacting questions and referring to general bonus conditions, but an organization like this knows exactly what's happening and did nothing to remove an obvious trap for misunderstanding.

In my opinion, there are much more honest places to play.
Welcome to the forum lurker! :thumbsup:

I think that as Maxima are rogued for various rip-off tactics posted here & on other forums, that your thread title should not be 'tread carefully', but 'run like hell!'

I don't like to criticize, but you & I know you should have read the T&C's thoroughly before starting - especially so since you say you were aware of their rogue status. I've been playing online for coming up to 7-years, but still always read the conditions for any bonus I'm claiming.

Hi KasinoKing

I hold my hands up to that one...... I made a rare mistake ;)

I just thought it might serve as another warning to people not to just believe what is 'said' by live support and ALWAYS take screen shots of chat sessions that might give weight to future discussions...

Let Alt+PrintScreen be your friend.


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