Maxbet Rule , and the Voiding of Player Winnings (future)


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After roaming these forums for over 10 years i have seen people getting burned so many times because of breaking casino t&c. The most bonus complaints and voiding of winnings happen because of breaking the maxbet rule. There are many examples of this on the bonus complaints section.

As a player if you intend to use a bonus you have to read the casino t&c EVERY time you play, since they can and will easily change the maxbet rule, but almost never notify the player by email that their t&c have changed. Im not saying that the casino's do not have the right to make their rules as they wish, but it saddens me that players and new players are so often being denied their winnings based on the maxbet rule.

Even if you are a player that has played for more then a decade its sometimes hard to spot this rule since the casinos put the maxbet rule to different parts of their website. Sometimes the rule is on promotional terms, sometimes on general terms, sometimes even on their FAQ page.

I would really hope that in 2015 the casinos would start adopting an automatic betsize capping when using a bonus, so that breaking of this rule would not be possible. Im not a coder, but i dont think this would be so hard to implement.


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Funny thing is I always now go and check with support at a given casino prior to playing. I have seen $10, and as low as $3 stated in terms. On average it seems $6.25. When I contacted one rep at a casino that will go nameless :) after explaining it to them over and over they finally understood what I was asking, and found out it was the equivalent of 4% deposit + bonus. Lets say that was a $25 deposit with a $25 match, for example, that would be 4% of $50 so only $2 a bet, not hard to go over should they decide to enforce it.
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One can dream. I would at least like to see max bet in bonus terms... those I read every time, not buried in general terms.

4% is VERY low. It would be nice if you would share bruinsdude so we are aware.


I think it's deliberate to NOT implement it in the software, because it's making them millions of dollars per year. Imagine how many newbies there are who never bother to read the T&C pages (because it's usually without any consequences in other industries but not in the online casino business). If they win, the casino simply brings up the terms and confiscates winnings. If they lose, the casino obviously won't inform you that you breached the terms and refund you. Win-Win for the casinos!

I simply refuse to believe that in this day and age software providers like Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming are not able to design a utility that protects players from exceeding the max bet when it comes to bonuses. People have to remember that the terms are designed to protect the casinos and not to do the players any favour.

At least there are still some casinos out there like Unibet that don't give a damn how much you bet:thumbsup:


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I agree with mozaik 100%. Thats why i started this thread i also think confiscation of player funds based on this rule is pretty horrible. Its basicly almost as when you make an account to facebook or dropbox you agree to their terms and conditions, but most people don't even bother to read them, because they are just so long. Of course its the players fault if they haven't read the terms , but most times the max bet rule is "buried" somewhere in either bonus terms or general t&c.

Most customer rep:s don't even know this term, even by asking support they just dont understand what you are referring to when you ask what is the maximum bet i can place on slots while using a bonus. I have been given answers like " the maximum bet is visible on the slot you are playing" or "you can bet as much as you like or as little as you like" , even though the terms state something different.


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Its a under table thing, I agree what Mozaik said about how many newbies foll or the trick, I think many of casinos profit of newbees as we all been there once and theres more gamblers every day that do not no about sites such as this bit of gold we are on,

As a low roller I have not got much to worry about, but I do no from reading rules across years it varys from £4 to £10 or 50p a line bet, I have noticed that alot of sites have games cut of, I see where they come from with this as you can take advantage, But please tell me where playing spring break (game) is advantage?
Also kavaman statement about help do not no, Well they do not no fek all and most the time i WONDER WHY THEY ARE THERE? oh yes just to be nice so you deposit, Yesterday is an exaple, at betat I ask why my xmas playthrew meter is not moving? over 15 minutes wait to be told that my bonus meter is working? Hang on I not mention jack all about playthrew as I said xmas bar, I had to look my self to relise when playing in bonus cash it does not count, So alow very pleaesnt and 1 of the best sites around only till I told him that bonus does not count he replyed with the same thing with near 20 mins talk, Any cs should no this so why take 20 odd mins and only when I had to look