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Feb 23, 2004
I have been using my Master Card to deposit at most online casinos. I never really had a problem using it. Every now and then, I notice that you can't use Master Card to deposit, but usually after a while I can use it again. I just used it yesterday to deposit with OKPay and Express payment. Everything went fine. Today I tried to use it at several different casinos and the deposits did not go thru. Even OKPay gave me some flack about Pin numbers...huh!:eek: I was never asked about pin numbers before. I am wondering if it is just me (am i under scrutiny with my bank:eek:) or if anyone else is having a problem depositing with their Master Cards too?

Just did a search for Mastercard deposits and this thread popped up....are you still using your Mastercard? If so, please tell me which casinos you are able to get them through with. I am only aware of one, but have a Mastercard debit card and would LOVE some other options...please share! You can PM me if you prefer - thanks!
Like most others here, I haven't been able to find a single casino where any of my MCs work for any amount.

EDIT: Incidentally, what's the one casino you found? PM me the name if you don't want to post it in the thread. Thanks.

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