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Apr 1, 2004
st louis MO--USA
I recieved a matching bonus of $100 on Friday from Superslots casino. I had some great luck and had my balance up to $5100. I proceeded to cashout $2500- $1000-$500-$500 in seperate transactions. I reversed two of the transactions ($1000-$500). The other 2 transactions have been lost within their system. Their customer support team has looked into it and will turn it over to technical support on Monday.

I just wanted to let everyone know that their system is having problems and all cash-ins should be monitored closely. I have never cashed out from this casino before so I dont know what to expect.
Uh oh....I bet they will come back with the classic "sorry but you failed to meet the wr's, plus we no longer give withdraws to players in your country because of bonus abuse"...or maybe its an honest snafu with their system. But I doubt it...........
I can retrieve all of my player logs but I haven`t yet. It would take some time to do all the math but I think I can prove the withdrawls were made. I really am at risk only $100 out of pocket so if all fails I wont be too upset. It is just very frustrating dealing with cash-ins at online casinos.
If I were you I'd pull all those logs and save them on your system just in case you'll need them. If its like playcheck, where it gets difficult to retrieve them after a week or so, then it may be easier to get them sooner rather than later.
Hi Darnella,

Please keep me in the loop on this one. Since they are a Casinomeister casino, I want to make sure everything is resolved quickly here. Thanks!
I received the first withdrawl today for $2500. It is my Neteller account already. I will say that the customer support and tech support were helpful in resolving the first cash-in. I will let you know if the other cash-in is sent soon. Right now I`m happy with the way it has been handled.

Thanks Casinomeister for the response. I dont anticipate any problems. The support teams have been very professional in their dealings up to this point.

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