Mary has a question for you Brits out there


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Dec 12, 2000
I'm curious about what happened to Aspinall's.

I'm limited to what I can find on the web here. As I recall, the online company was founded by Damien Aspinall, grandson. It did not make money, so all management and functions were taken over by the Golden Palace group.

At that point, Aspinall's was put on the OPA's NR list because of the background of some of the key personnel at Golden Palace. (Telemarketing fraud convictions)

Aspinall's Online is still a publically traded company that licenses its name to the casino operation; Damien is a named Director. (not sure about that.)

If any of our British readers are into corporate soap operas, can you look up the history of Aspinall's Online, and what commentators think went wrong?

Other British online wagering operations are doing well.


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Oct 26, 2001
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