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Mar 25, 2006
Anyone that has hit more than the little one I would love to hear your story, if you had a strategy, what your bet amounts were etc.

I have hit the small one many times, but only once the mid level one. I feel the rapid fire slots are more easy to hit for these I have hit numerous times now, and it pays almost the same as the midlevel super hero jackpot, which is extremely hard to hit. Haven't hit the super one yet either. My money is on the rapid fire games for any decent jackpots at these casinos for the money.
Thanks! Do you play all the rapid fire games or just stick to one or two? What bet level do you usually hit those on?

Thanks again!
I have hit the rapid fire games in the denominations of .90 cent to 2.25. The mermaid, dolphin games are the ones that I have hit it on the most, but did hit it on the mexican bean one once. Those are the two I now play almost all the time, when it hits around $700. Knowing it is ready to hit between$700-$1000, I play these exclusively till it is hit then go to other games until it builds again. I have hit it @ $1300 tho which was pretty unusual.

The other part is you can see how many people are actually playing this game under who's playing section.. Great tool!

Good Luck!
Have hit the small one a bunch of times both on 2.25 and 0.90, the middle twice on 2.25 bets. Hit most on The Hulk, some on Blade, never on Thor or X-men which I also play.

The other part is you can see how many people are actually playing this game under who's playing section.. Great tool!

So, should I aim for it to be many or few players?
Usually, the less playing the better chance you have on the rapid fire ones. I noticed a lot of times that they would be ignored while the Super Hero games are being bombarded with players when the jackpot is around $ my bet is the rapid fire ones are the better of them for actually hitting it in the upper range.
Took your advice and hit my first ever Rapid Fire yesterday :D
I also find that my odds of bonus rounds etc are better when there are fewer players.

Littlewoods Casino
Omni Casino
Sands of the Caribbean
VIP Casino

So far I am in the positive at Intercasino, Sands and Omni :D
I'm doing quite well at a couple of those as well... On bonus play, I had hit for $1100 (as I recall) because I accidentally played for $9 a spin on Silver Surfer and got the free spins and a ton of good hits on it.

I think I cashed out at a much smaller amount due to the bonus, but still WAY ahead.

I like the Marvel Comics games and have hit the Hero Jackpot quite a few times.
I hate these slots and swore never to play them again.
Each time a few hundred spins and no bonuses at all.
I did the InterCasino match for a few months and each time I would lose the $100 deposit and the $100 bonus betting 45c a spin without hitting any bonus rounds.

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