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Jan 22, 2017
Hi ,
Beware of this casino if u live in Québec , Canada ...
I deposit 3 times with a total of 500$ in one day , sending document ID ect
1 day later , i can't acess to casino and i don't had an email with the reason..
I talk to live chat for information , he said , i can't play here in Québec ,Canada .
I said , if i win with my deposit , i can't withdraw so i want my deposit back ...
He said , i dont have money left in my account ... so i cant withdraw LOLL
But if i win with the last 3 deposit ??? Casino let me register with information (Québec) and let me deposit...
Normaly , if i can't play here , i had a popup that said i can't play here ...
So , what can i do ? 500$ in a shithole that i can'T win nothing?
Very sorry for my english , i'm french so...
That should comfort you.

Liudmila: has joined the chat.

Me : Hi

Liudmila: Hello :)

Liudmila: For security purposes, please type here your email address, postcode and date of birth?

Me: xxxxx Quebec Canada

Liudmila: Thank you for your details.

Me: Np

Liudmila: How can I help you today?

Me : Do you offer first deposit bonuses?

Liudmila: Let me check it for you please: )

Me :Thx

Me: i heard you had nice bonuses for canadian that lives in quebec

Liudmila: One moment please :)

Me: Hmmmmn ok

Liudmila: Great news! Bonus offer has been added to your account, please check it and read Terms and Conditions :)

Me: Wow thx

Me: As a canadian in quebec, do I have access to every game provider?

Me:I like NyX

Liudmila: You should not have any problems to access from

Liudmila: Sorry :)

Liudmila: Maria:)

Me : Ok

Me : well thx

Me :you have been great, as expected
@Jugg Sincere apologies for the delayed reply, was not made aware of this thread until a moment ago.

Could I perhaps ask you to send your account number through a private message to me? Then I can look into your account with much more detail and assist wherever possible.

Unfortunately as a Canadian player you do not have access to all game providers since each game provider individually has different restricted territories they do not operate in, Canada is one of these territories.

Again I apologize sincerely for the misinformation provided and will definitely take a deep look in the matter further, also please do send me your account detail.

Wishing you the best and stay safe,


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