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Jun 5, 2015
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Maria Casino's data appears to need a review.
As a newbie I won 17x my first deposit. I requested a withdrawal at 4am this morning and it has already been approved and processed. No request for docs,but that could be due to me being verified at Unibet ( owners). I had asked live support how long I could expect to wait for a withdrawal and I was told they process a number of times per day so it should be a matter of hours.
So maybe their data could be considered for a review?

Edit. I stupidly thought this section was in the hidden meister section.
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Evolution Software is reviewed at Casinomeister
They do payout very quickly overall, but sometimes it does take a little bit longer.
Didn't check the current WD times displayed though:

I do think you may get a verification process somewhere in the future, when you pass a certain threshold, but not sure: i just remember that i too was verified @ sister Unibet for a long time, and already had received several pay-outs from Maria, when i received a request for doç later: apparently they can't always transfer such doc's, depending on various factors.

But even then it won't be much of a hassle:)

Congrats on your win!:thumbsup:

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