Maple casino ,after depositing 3-4000 $ and using 3 hrs to send the papers,this Sucks


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Aug 1, 2004
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Brandon: Welcome to the Vegas Partner Lounge Casino Support Desk. How can I help you?
andre: hello, pls read history 3 hrs ago
andre: i went back to my
andre: office again
andre: and resend my vip upgrade papers
andre: drivers licence
andre: and so on can you be kind to credit the bonus now please?
Brandon: One moment while I check my records please.
andre: thank you
Brandon: sorry sir which bonus are you referring to
andre: i send and confirmed all my deposits
andre: and faxed you the papers
andre: 50 $
andre: Our Pitboss has also agreed to credit your account with a FREE $50.00 bonus on your Maple Casino account (vmcr02259028) once all the documents below have been received. The information that we require is:
andre: . Copy of recent utility/telephone bill 2. Copy of picture ID or drivers license 3. Deposit Authorization Form below, Printed and Signed
andre: i did that went home
andre: and you told me the
andre: driverslicens
andre: was a bit dark
andre: so i went to office
andre: and 2 hrs later im back
andre: i resend
andre: the fax from office with a lighter print
andre: ok?
Brandon: thank you for your patience
andre: no problem
andre: just do not give me
andre: any more trouble
andre: please
andre: hello?
andre: ask your manager
Brandon: we have received your drivers licence but CAN STILL Not MAKE OUT your name & Surname and DOB
andre: thats why
andre: i also send you the visa copy
Brandon: would you be so kind as to send through a copy with a clear view of the above mention details
andre: christ
andre: cant you see that i went back
andre: to office
andre: 40 min
andre: drive to do it
andre: can you
andre: please ask your manager
andre: its 10 pm soon
andre: here
andre: in Nnnnnnorway
andre: i will do it again tomorrow pls give some t
andre: trust bacxk
andre: back
andre: what is this!
andre: i hope
andre: you understand my
andre: sadness
andre: and
andre: reaction
andre: you clearly see
andre: that ive send it twice
andre: dont you
andre: do you want me
andre: as an customer
andre: please do not let 50 $
Brandon: not a problem i will foward this to our security dept and await a response from them
andre: and how long
andre: will that take???
andre: can you forward them this chat too,
andre: can you ask them to call me NOW
andre: or you
andre: can call me
andre: or your manager
andre: and ask for whatever
andre: you
andre: want
andre: to ask
andre: ok?
andre: ok
Brandon: our security dept will be in in a few hours
andre: meanwhile???
Brandon: would it be possible for you to scan the doc's
andre: noooooooo
andre: io am
andre: at home
andre: PLEASE
andre: IN NORWAY
Brandon: it would make the process a lot easier
andre: IT
andre: i understand that
andre: if i had it idid not
Brandon: can it be done tomorrow
andre: have to
andre: yes i will do it again tomorrow
andre: but i looked forward to play tonigt
andre: i used 3 hrs today
andre: to get you
andre: the document
andre: s
andre: please read the history
andre: and show some goodwiol
Brandon: i do apologize for the inconvenience but there is nothing we could do now
Brandon: Is there anything else that I may assist you with?
andre: yes YOU could give some trust back for all the trouble
andre: i signed all the
andre: documents
andre: you got it
andre: you can read the name on the visa
andre: and you received a
andre: cllear copy of my salary!
Brandon: yes but we cannot make out the name ,surname and DOB
andre: now you give me an headachhe
andre: DOB???
Brandon: Date Of Birth
andre: so you will not give me anything...can i ask for 20 $ today and rest
andre: tomorrow,please
andre: pls be fair
Brandon: unfortunately we cannot help with that
andre: you just demand demand and no goodwill
andre: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
andre: this is the worst
Brandon: this is merely a security measure from our side
andre: excperience EVER
Brandon: yes
andre: i have the last transcript
andre: and will come back to
andre: to you later
andre: with the link
Brandon: ok
andre: ok
Maple casino. Someone who matters just turned a $30.00 freebie into $14,000.00 at Maple. I can't remember the name of the person though! :confused: Good luck getting your documents through!
Seems Andre really wanted to play this particular night :)

Im not sure what the complaint is about? They are just following procedures.
Perhaps you should have sent the docs via email and saved yourself the 3 hours...
Aw,c'mon. This is a bonus to welcome your upgrading to a VIP. Documents are essential and frankly,from the chat I think the CSR has been quite helpful. Furthermore,the proposed threats of complaining to this forum and gonegambling suck.
** Now I have a headache! I feel for the dude/ette, really -

AND I would like to congratulate Brandon for the way this was handled... I think often we all forget that it is REAL pple on the other side of the screan, and that THEY have procedures to follow... There has been many discussions about the documents, and if you bothered to read some of them, you might actually discover why these pple are so hard-headed about being able to READ certain information - WHy did you not call FROM the office to check if the document were ok, especially since you know ther was a problem the first time around?

Using the message boards as a handle on getting your own way is also not good practice. Really. **

Call from the office that makes the most sense. Why go all the way back home to use live chat???? Makes no sense.... :confused:
Today after i resend the papers,.....

:confused: Graeme: I have read it and i spoke to you yesterday
Andr: yes and today
Andr: you received
Andr: the documents
Andr: as
Andr: you told me yesterday and now it is holiday
Andr: why did you not say so ,Sir???
Andr: can you please do anything
Graeme: Sir i unfortunately cannot credit you with that bonus until our security department has processed your documents.
Andr: positive now ,Sir
Graeme: Sir i unfortunately cannot credit you with that bonus until our security department has processed your documents.
Andr: do you want to help with/or assist with something
Andr: to make this a bit more posetive
Andr: please
Graeme: Sir as i said yesterday i am not in the position to credit you with any deposits until those documents are processed
Andr: your security department has processed ,when is that???
Graeme: That should take up to 24 hours sir
Andr: why?
Andr: you,sir said yesterday
Andr: that today, if i sendt you the documents
Andr: i have the transcript
Graeme: that until i received those documents i could not proccess your bonus
Andr: but if i sendt it today as i did
Graeme: those documents have now been received and i appreciate that
Andr: do you want the chat copy??
Andr: can you understand why i ask for something...a token
Graeme: but unfortunately have to wait for our security department to process those documents.
Andr: can you understand why i ask for something...a token
Andr: i have been looking forward to tonight
Andr: cant you see that??
Graeme: Sir i am not in the position to credit you with any bonuses until those documents are processed
Andr: not want to ?? you as an manager can credit 5-10 $
Andr: to make me feel welcome
Andr: you dont bother do you
Andr: what is 5-10 $ for a casino?
Graeme: Sir i am not in the position to credit you with any bonuses until those documents are processed
Andr: ive deposited 3-4000$4
Andr: who are
Andr: ? is the pitboss in??
Andr: can you,he or i call him?
Andr: i want to speak with somebody in charge
Andr: please do not tell me i cant
Graeme: Not at the moment sir,
Andr: i cannot call you???????
Andr: is this official
Graeme: you can call me sir
Graeme: i will only be able to tell you what i have already told you
Andr: great call me
Andr: now
Graeme: i cannot call you sir
Graeme: you will have to call me
Andr: why
Andr: i have to, use money for that to
Graeme: i cannot make to international numbers at the present moment sir
Graeme: what country are you from sir?
Andr: ok i will post and ask Bryant and the forum members of this also at GG and GOM,ok?
Andr: Bryant
Andr: which
Andr: send me to you
Graeme: Thank you for contacting the casino support center.
Andr: i will come back with a link to
Graeme: It has been a pleasure to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us again with any queries you may have. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Andr: the post yust hold
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
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The only amazing thing about all of this is that you have no idea what a whiney little spoiled child you're acting like. It's time for you to move on to another casino group because you're no doubt on their shit list after the second round of threats to go public with a smear campaign against them. If online casinos have to deal with this shit on a daily basis, then they deserve my money. Now I don't feel so bad about losing.
good Lord

Wow he drove customer service crazy!!!! Is this guy signed up at GA???? Calm down killer and wait for the secuity department to check you out and then give you the bonus. You don't need the bonus that day that bad do you? If So call 1-800- I'm hooked on gambling...... :eek:
to be demanding a bonus... of even a fraction of what is offered, he must be desperate.

why dont you just deposit the $10 lol :lolup:
Better still, im sure connecttocasino would be happy to throw a free chip his way :D

...that WR of 500x deposit + bonus + whatever management wants to add should keep him occupied while he awaits his

...$50 bonus for $12,000 worth of deposits :what:
He even asked for $5 :confused: [ and he even posted the chat logs to show us that he was the sane and reasonable one! *amazing* ]
Now Maple,if you are gonna succumb and give this guy $5 -$10,I will want at least 30 bucks otherwise I will start stomping on the ground and start posting at all the forums available. You will lose all your business if you neglect my threat.

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