Many RTG casinos VP cutting back to 6/5 JoB ick.


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Dec 12, 2000
I am dismayed! Another Real Time Gaming site dumps the 9/6 paytable for Jacks or Better for the 6/5 version.
I could almost be pleased!. Given the slow payout problems I have had at RTG sites other than casino extreme (8/5 but great support and fast processing) lately- it is a last reason to dump them in favour of "no reverse cashin" sites such as bossmedia -who also have lousy pay tables!

I usually win on VP at RTG sites but end up a loser by reversing when the payouts aren't processed in 48hrs.

As players at online casinos, we should let these casinos know that we won't play them if they make the odds too unfavorable. When they reduce the payouts, send them a note that you know the difference and will only play at sites still offering full pay.

I did this when Casino Extreme reduced the payout on their Joker Poker game, and they did respond and actually restored the payout back to its previous level. If a casino gets enough complaints about reduced payouts maybe they'll listen. If we boycott casinos that make these changes they will either have to restore the payout levels or lose customers.

Don't stand still, let them know what you think!!

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