Mansion - Thrill Seekers


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Feb 21, 2006
Just downloaded this and did some "free-plays" to get some feel on this casino. Anyone in here have had any luck on this game? Seems like a tough nut to crack this one.

First off I was stunned by the wager limit... $100.000 pr spin... So I pumped up $500.000 and started doing $10.000 spins, I managed to get 198 spins out of it ending with $6.110 left in cash. But in those 198 spins the highest win was x7.2 ($72.000 something). The hammer bonus usually gave $4000 (not covering the accual spin). 1 time it gave $60.000, the other 10 times or so it gave ~6.000 pr win, below the accuall wager. The other prices was usually ~15.000 pr win (x1.5).

Theese low variance (would be tons of small winnings to pump the overall payout% if I understood low variance correct) are really starting to annoy me bigtime. If you notice in real casinoes the payout is much higher on the small wins. Been playing alot on Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg (landbased) - so I stand corrected.

Anyhow, just wanted to share my thoughts here - and wonder if anyone accually have made a profit on this slot. It looks sweet, but at the same time pretty pointless (however, only 198 spins to base that assumtion on)


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May 29, 2004
Most of the entertaining Playtech slots are low variance - Desert Treasure is a case in point. They keep you going but its rare to get even 10x - even the free spins rarely give out much more than 20/25x. Fun though.


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Aug 25, 2004
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I find most Playtech slots are low-ish variance, and Thrill Seekers is no different.
Fairly obvious I suppose,because if you're playing the max 50-lines you are always going to get at the very least 40 non-winning lines! :eek:

I was very wary at first, because I generally don't like slots with over 25 lines, but I was quite happy to play it at max in the end.
I've made moderate profits from very small stakes on it (1-2p/line).
What you really want (like most slots) is the free-spins, preferably with a re-trigger or two!

The 'Test Your Strength' feature is a complete joke, and I for one would be extremely happy if they took this crap of the slot all-together!
What idiot thought players would like a feature where 9 times out of 10 you don't even get your stake back?? :mad:


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