Mansion Incompetence


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Jul 22, 2006
My situation has been resolved and I have been paid, but I felt I had to post about my recent contact with live and email chat as a warning to others. You decide if its incompetence or intentional misinformation on their part...

History: I received a free $30 bonus in December that I played and lost. A couple of days later I was invited to participate in their "Festive Bonus" which was a $300 match bonus with 15x bonus minimum wagering.

I deposited and completed the $4500 wagering with a small win. As I always do, I checked with support to confirm my manual calculations were accurate. Here is a snippet from the chat

I can confirm that you have $500 left to wager
my total wagering requirement was $4500. This is correct?
Yes for the big festive bonus
And according to your stats I have wagered $4000?
However you also have the Christmas card bonus of $30 which has to be wagered 35 times
well no, I played that bonus a couple of days ago and lost all the funds
You have completed the Christmas card bonus and you just need to wager a further $500
Any wagering requirements should have been erased for that
Yes, you may have lost all the funds but you still needed to wager $30 bonus 35 times
but when you lose a bonus, you no longer have to meet the wagering requirements for that bonus
No, the wager is not erased they continue until you complete the requirements

This degenerated into a waste of time with live chat insisting old WR carries over and my arguments going nowhere. Finally support said they would have the finance team verify my account and email me. This is what i got...

"Thank you for contacting MANSION Member Services.

Upon investigation, we can confirm that you would be required to wager further $1,720 to compete the wagering amount for this bonus. " support says $500, now it has jumped to $1720? I complain again asking for exact details of my wagering and get the following response:

"Thank you very much for your email regarding your MANSION account.

Firstly let me please take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you regarding wagering requirements.

After reviewing your game history, I was able to see that indeed you have met in excess all the wagering requirements associated to the $300 Festive Bonus, therefore I am pleased to inform you that you have now redeemed the bonus completely and may withdraw the funds if you wish.

Once again I sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience caused to your good self."

Looks good, all is fixed. I request a withdrawal and then get this email a couple of days later:

"Thank you for accepting a recent promotional offer and receiving a bonus because of it. We understand you now wish to cash-out your winnings. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request until you comply with our promotional bonus policy by wagering $3720.00 on appropriate games. For further information regarding our bonus policy, please visit the promotions section of our web site at:"

So far four memebers of Mansion support staff have communicated 4 different results to me. Is anyone steering the boat over there or are they making it up on the fly?

A couple more complaints and everything finally got resolved, but it was a over two weeks between initial inquiry and my funds hitting my account.

So even though I finally got paid, the amount of time wasted trying to sort through the problems and aggravation are hardly worth it in my book, don't waste your time with this casino.


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Mar 4, 2007
What looks to be happening here is there is no last point of contact information from both you and the casino, after you had spoken to the operator there should of been a case number generated or something to track all the latest correspondence between you both so there is no confusion, This clearly doesnt look to be happening which is strange provided how long the casino has been around. this is there main source of contact between you and the casino so all these things should have well and truly been in place.

Seriously there should of been a reference section attached to your account indicating the last conversation or something- and this went on with 4 different operators.

I wonder if they will look into the lack of information handling in this case.


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Jul 11, 2004
Planet Earth (I think)
In the past I had alot to say about them.

Thins have cxhanged, and they have gone down the heap. Their all round CS have no idea what they are on about!