Malta Gaming Authority: How serious are they?


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Dec 1, 2004
I am thinking about trying it with some casinos that are listed as licensees with the Malta Gaming Authorities, such as for instance amongst others Oranje Casino and pfgaming. As I do not have any news about these casinos, I am wondering whether in case of problems I could revert to the Malta Gaming Authorities that offer a complaint form for players: Does anybody has any experince with them?
Powered by an outfit called Swissgaming. I haven't come across this turnkey provider before, but there's quite a lot on Google concerning it.

Link Removed (invalid) is new to me, too and is a Dutch language online operation. Nothing known on pfgaming, and the site does not appear to be operational (at least when I checked it)

I would do some research on Swiss Gaming before playing. They deploy Flash technology and have a limited selection of games. Here's a start for you:

Link Removed (invalid)

Swissgame Game Server software runs on Linux systems (managed service), with an online Gaming Management System (GMS) that you'll love to use and adrenaline Flash Games for your players.

We offer setup and customizing of your online gaming portal, plus 24/7 application management and support services.

We'll help you with financial services and legal consultancy through reliable partners like Bibit Internet Payments, Wire Card (both leading European internet payment providers) and SOLV (the only Dutch law firm that is fully dedicated to and specialized in the legal aspects of the internet and e-business.

Secure Online Gaming
Swissgame provides you with the ultimate reliability in secure online gaming. With a team of experts in internet technology, online transactions and creative game design, we offer turnkey solutions for this part of the internet that is financially healthy.

News: Swissgame delivers gaming system to Oranje Casino
Swissgame has, through its subsidiary Swissgame Malta Ltd., delivered the online gaming system to Oranje Casino Ltd. The company operates Oranje Casino, aimed at Dutch speaking players worldwide, under a Maltese gambling license.

Swissgame N.V.
E-Zone Vredenberg
Netherlands Antilles

Phone: +599 9 4338862
Fax: +599 9 4338863

Regarding Malta as a jurisdiction, there are conflicting views. I've mediated in three issues concerning them and they have been communicative and open, with an efficient compliance officer who was prepared to get involved and help resolve the issues.

The LGA (Malta) people are usually in attendance at most of the big industry conferences and I have always found them open and prepared to talk about what they do and how they do it.

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