making money from bonus programs?


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Jul 17, 2006
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Is it possible to make money from bonus programs, signing up at a casino, playing a few hands then withdrawing, is this possible with all these fricking bonuses?

Casinos do offer something called "affiliate programs," though. You can make tons of money that way. Google "casino affiliate programs."
Well, you can be proactive in your approach and not passive, waiting for people to click your banner or follow your link. Give them something in return for clicking your link, or helping them through the process. That's what a lot of sites that make money do.

As for the bonus programs, there is always a risk of ruin factored. Yeah, you can make money In fact, I've been in the positive since Feb. But rest assured there are times when you get royally screwed. Self - control plays a big factor. As with most things you need money to make money. Find the best bonuses out there that you can max out on and try to build a bankroll up. I would start with poker. Less risk of ruin, if you are somewhat skilled.
NoMouthToScream said:
As for the bonus programs, there is always a risk of ruin factored.

i'd say the biggest risk is boredom/self-control. i've seen a lot of gamblers suddenly lose their mind after their first big hit.

some of the easiest casino bonuses to clear also require the most self-control. while it sounds simple to flat bet $1 blackjack for 4 hours and scoop $100, it ain't easy at all for most people.
I recommend poker too. The casino bonuses are getting worse. The opportunities dry up quickly. On the other hand, poker earnings should be sustainable thru bonuses and a little skill.
There are a variety of bonuses available .. from initial 'welcome' bonuses to no deposit bonuses, to monthly bonuses for existing players. Best to go to a casino's home page and click on 'promotions' and you'll find their terms and conditions for playing bonuses. Also even if you've read the terms, you might want to contact live support via chat or phone call to confirm that their terms haven't changed recently (as in, changed but not updated their web sites yet).

Best of luck!

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