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Pleasure Pooper are not pyramid schemes, or filled with viruses, these sites are refered to as GPTs(Get Paid To). What are they you may ask? We'll they are basic advertising companies, They are payed to advertise surveys and sweepstakes and such. Why? Because Survey info is important to big time companies, or even on the advertising part of things, Advertsing is used for attracting more customers. So it comes down to this, the big companies pay the GPTs to advertise, the GPTs offer us a little cut of what they get paid to do the offers, welcome to society, they put it out there get payed big bucks, we do the work get a little bit of money, but it's free so who's complaining? Also in the world of GPTs you do have your great websites that actually pay, and you have your websites that are stinkers, welcome to the internet. I can assure you Pleasure Pooper is one of these great Gpts and is truely worth checking out.
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