make a living at playanddeal casino? READ pls


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Hello everyone. I have come to conclude that a person can make a living becoming a dealer at
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This casino allows there clients to play as they would at any other casino worldwide as a player or also as a dealer. You have to have a certain amount of player points and also a certain amount of money to do so though. if someone signed up for a real account and deposited $1,000 and while playing the largest met amount roulette table and put the maximum down on one number and placed maximum bets all around that single number, then they would get two chances at winning $7,000. then if you were to make another $3,000 somehow playing other games or just getting a bit lucky you would be able to become a dealer for the highest bet amount roulette table. so with $10,000 you could be a dealer and would take in the 5.26% casino edge that the casino usually takes in. you would have to pay a small commision on the side to the casino do this, still your profits will continue to accumulate. Once you hit about $30,000 you can say your pretty much ready to say that your 90% safe from ever losing money from now on and that your money will just continue to grow slowly. maybe $5,000 per week or higher. If i am wrong, someone please inform me. thanks. email me at and give me your thoughts about this. :) I currently just sort of found out about this casino so I dont know if how reputable, honest or trusting that this casino is. I always like to play against a human player. at least someone will get my money if I lose and the casino will get their cut :)

So far I have tested this using the fun money accounts and currently I have 1 million player points and about a quarter of a million dollars in my fun money account. lol :D !!



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While it may be theoretically possible, it's nto likely to be practically possible.

*You can be shut out of the casino at any time if it is in management's interest to do so.

*You can be given gaffed results at any time if it is in management's interest to do so.

The Friedman Brothers who own and run the Bethedealer software and casinos are also invovled with Windows casinos, developing card-counting software (blackjack2021), and developing and circulating lists of cheats and savvy players to other online casinos. Their own business partners have accused them of stealing sound files from product for their product.


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Here are some reasons why you won't find bethedealer/playanddeal supported or endorsed by Casinomeister:

*It's impossible to get a true story out of anybody about the origins and development of the software. Michael Staw, CEO of RTG, mentioned during a meeting that I attended last September that the sound files were stolen from RTG. Daniel Shultz is involved as an investor and registered the Bethedealer domain a year ago.

*The Friedman Brothers are RTG's most powerful licensee and do what they want. They have been involved in creating card counting software and selling players' information. They have worked with Israeli computer programmers to develop the Blackjack2021 software; they may well be behind the Bethedealer software.

*The marketing being used of selling pass-through web sites as individually branded casinos is inherently deceptive and open to abuse. If a player is stiffed, who is responsible? Is Bethedealer responsible for paying players, or the purported "owner" of the pass-through site?

*They have been selling these packages on Ebay, while giving them away for free on other sites. So they aren't even fair to their affiliate site makers, but are trying to maximize revenue from them.

*They are not screening these marketing sites at all; already one (see the rogue section for details, Casino Ramada) has pirated art from another site.

*They market the bethedealer concept as ensuring game fairness, but it can be rigged to the operators' advantage using shills or robots.

*They advertise it as patent pending, yet provide no proof of that. A significant competitor with a more plausible background has made patent application. Once granted, the sites could be shut down in the future.

Overall, they really don't demonstrate an attitude of caring about players or creating a positive image of integrity. Instead of trying to find ways to reassure players, they are trying to quiet critics. In fact, this marketing scheme only recreates the worst mistakes of Real Time Gaming, that of unleashing upon an unsuspecting gambling public legions of amateur webmasters willing to say anything for a buck. Is that how to manage a company's image?

I think not.

You won't see these casinos listed here. These business practices are ones I cannot condone.


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Blackjack 2021 Real Time Analyzer V.2.

"Blackjack 2021 is developed based on a pure mathematical engine designed by Professor S. Haber of M.I.T. which can be used on the back ground for any Internet casino games." It can be found here:
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