Casino Complaint Major Security Blunder at Chance Hill Casino


Dormant account
Jan 24, 2017
Logged into my account on the 15 February. Deposited $20Aus and was approved. However, instead of showing $20Aus in my account, i had suddenly logged into another person's account (which i cannot say for security reasons) , which showed 50 pounds in the account. When I contacted live chat, I had real trouble getting them to realize that or even recognize that i wasn't the person that they thought they were talking to. All this time I was logged into her account. Finally they agreed and ask that i change my password and re-log out and back into my account. I told them this was a serious breach of security and i wanted to be informed asap as to why this happened and that the persons account I logged into should be immediately informed.

As I hadn't heard from Chance Hill i contacted them. Their explanation was that they were moving to a more secure site and this should not have happened. According to them, this only happened to me? As they were almost dismissive of my concern, I informed them that i would be posting this onto your site as you accredited them and that the Malta Gaming Authority should also be made aware of this. I have a copy of the chat transcript which i will be forwarding to the Authority.

I wonder if anyone else had been effected by this.


Dormant account
Jan 27, 2015
Thank you for raising this. I would like to clarify and help in relation to the issue you experienced earlier in the week.

We carried out an infrastructure improvement on 15th February to one of our web servers to further improve general performance of the Chance Hill site to players. This had temporary unforeseen side effect to a handful of players who happened to login at the same time. We addressed the issue shortly after it was brought to our attention and can re-assure you this particular issue will under no circumstances occur again.

Yours was the only case at the time you were in contact with us but after that we identified a few others that had been impacted. While concluding our investigation into the matter we can safely say that the impact was minimal. These players are in the process of being contacted by our team. Each account will be contacted separately regarding any issues they have received.

Security and your faith in our brand is paramount to us, and we apoloigise for any inconveniences this may have caused. Furthermore we sincerely hope one temporary incident will not change your opinion of us as we strive to always deliver the best quality of service.

If any other players have experienced an issue during this period, please contact me directly and we will review your case.