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Nov 20, 2005
For months this casino has not been working properly for me. After taking a few spins on any given slot, the games would freeze up and I would have to restart the casino. Support told me it was my computer. I know this is not the case because I have had no problems at any other micro casinos. Just this group. So I stopped playing there for a while. I have since gone back and the problems have gotten worse.

On Thursday I made a 50.00 deposit and was maybe able to take 4 or 5 spins on thunderstruck before it froze up. I decided to redownload the casino. Big mistake! On Friday I received a bonus due to me. I started playing thunderstruck at 2.25 a spin. I got the 15 free spins and the game instantly froze. I restarted the casino and tried to load thunderstruck. It starts the "movie" and freezes up. I cannot get to my free spins!

I emailed support again and this is the response I got.

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your mail.

Kindly note, this problem has been investigated with Micro Gaming.

At this time we are not able to finds any problems at this time.
However are still advising the software provider who are continuously investigating this matter.

When this matter is resolved, you will receive a response.

Thank you for your patience in the interim.

Should you require additional information relating to the above,
please contact support telephonically.



Bunch of bull if you ask me! I have now asked them to remove my money from Jupiter and put it in Bella so that I can play it. Still waiting on a response. But now the problem is......I still have those 15 free spins in Jupiter that I cannot play. I KNOW I will get something out of them but how much? The casino still will owe me money but what do I do about it????

Anyone else having these issues?????? I am soooo frustrated with them!
EXTREME Gravitational pull at Jupiter...


I went there to see if MAYBE they had a flash-version (sometimes, it's difficult locating the flash icon at various MG casinos), but no luck. What I did notice though, was that EVERYTHING on the main page (the graphics) was soooooooo... slow (I guess that's what things would be like if there was a club on Jupiter). It looks awful, and it shouldn't on my computer (reasonably fast computer). I was pleased as punch when Jupiter sent me a $100 token to try the new Viper software 2 years ago :)thumbsup: ), but since then, it's been all headaches.

I got the 15 free spins and the game instantly froze. I restarted the casino and tried to load thunderstruck. It starts the "movie" and freezes up. I cannot get to my free spins!

I'd dying of curiosity seeing how you're in the free spins mode (IOW, no sleep while pulling-out hair in frustration). Even their FAQ icon over on their main page seem not to work properly.
It's not your computer that casino runs really slow on my PC as well. Their website is really slow too.
I wish I had a penny everytime one of the Grand Prive customer support people tells a player a problem is because of their computer. :)

The problem is with the Jupiter casino... their server or whatever... The other casinos in the group run fine. Jupiter starts off slow and gets slower and slower the longer I play (or playED -- I can't deposit there anymore LOL). If I don't log off, the casino eventually locks up. It has been doing this for close to a year.

Grand Prive says it's a MicroGaming problem... and so is the persistent error that prevents some of us from depositing with NETeller.

I don't care who's fault it is, and I don't even care who fixes it, but I want both problems fixed!
Jupiter Club works very slow for me too. I think the reason might be that Jupiter Club is the only MG casino that I have been in that launches a Java application when I start the casino software. For instance, if you have pop-up blockers turned off, I think that might freeze up the casino completely, as the Java application is then blocked. Also, I think that is the reason why all the games are so terribly slow, as Java combined with other programs use a very big amount of RAM memory for me at least. (Even though I am no computer expert).

Caliban took the words right outta my mouth, lol. I also believe that it has something to do with running Java simultaneously with the software. I have had the same problems as everyone, and they only started when Jupiter launched their "new-look" website. I had stopped playing there altogether for probably at least six months or more. Then when I moved into my new place last month and got a new computer, I thought okay maybe it will work on new I tried it in fun mode. No dice, still just as bad, if not worse than before. I have so little money to deposit now period, that I can guarantee none of it will be going here, and I've pretty much told them as much too. Got the standard reply of Microgaming is looking into it, but just cannot find anything wrong. Hmmmmm, me thinks if that is the case, then Microgaming should hire some new programmers/technicians/software de-buggers. It really is too bad, because at one time Jupiter Club was just about my fav online casino.
i had this problem aswell, one solution is to ask them to remove the bonus from your account, i done this then suddenly casino was working again, so i then deposited for another bonus and hey guess what it didnt work again.
i got rid of bonus again and casino worked again. then they put a birthday bonus in and casino stopped working again.

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