Major Payment Problem At SlotsPlus


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Dec 15, 2017
I want to alert everyone here to a problem I am having with SlotsPlus casino (
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) and see also if maybe someone can provide some advice to help me. In December of 2015, I won $17895.53 at Slotsplus casino. Initially, they were very good about approving my withdrawal requests and paying out in a timely fashion. That is, until March of this year, which is when I last received a payout from them, despite my 2 pending withdrawal requests for $1000 each, and an account balance of $507.03.

I contacted the casino in the spring and at first was told that my account had been put on an inactive list and that I would have to resubmit a credit card form and copies of ID documents to have my account re-activated. I did this, but my account was still on the inactive list according to the customer service person I spoke to. I was then told that my account was still inactive due to non-play. I deposited money and played a bit, but was later (fairly rudely) told by another customer service rep that it had not been enough, and no, they couldn't tell me how much play might be enough, before they disconnected the chat conversation. Upon contacting customer service yet again, I was told that my most recent account documents had not been received, and I received no response from the finance and security departments to any of my questions about my account, despite my emails to both departments, and my asking the customer service chat representative to email those departments, as well.

In September, I attempted to log into my Slotsplus account again, in order to try to get some sort of answer from customer service, but was unable to login at all. I kept getting a message saying I was 'unauthorized' to log in at this time. I went to the casino's website to ask a customer service rep there about it via chat, and they wouldn't tell me anything, only that my account had been 'flagged', and that they had no idea when or if they would do anything about it. Again, their customer service was extremely unhelpful and rude.


A few weeks ago, I decided to try engaging customer support one more time, and was told via online chat: "Our primary payment processor has ceased making payments to individuals in North America. The processor cited the UIGEA as their main concern. In order for us to resume your payments you will need to open an account outside of North America, preferable in Europe."

This is ridiculous, and not at all reassuring that I'll receive any of the money I'm owed. If there's anything you can recommend I try, I'd love to hear it.


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Jul 25, 2007
Would they be able to pay you in bitcoins? Anyway, it's their responsibility to pay everything they owe you and find a means to do so; incredible that it has taken so long to pay you that much. If nothing works, please submit a Pitch a Bitch (PAB) so that our esteemed CM team can look into this. Best of luck!


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Nov 3, 2017
Was the dec 2015 in your post a mistake, or have you really been waiting 2 years
I think I can confirm that, because I remember seeing this complaint on Gambling Grumbles too. Yes, 2015 ! She was getting paid $1,000 each month until March 2017. :(