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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
For those who are not regular poker players figured I would post this here. For a limited time Party has put up no drop jackpot tables at 2/4 - 3/6 holdem. A ridiculous quad 10's must lose both cards must play. I think this is over a one in a million shot. At least while there is no drop it is a jackpot freeroll for 2/4 or 3/6 players. After the beta period there will be a drop for this, it appears the amount has not been determined or is being kept a secret. Skin players cannot access these tables.

They also started multi table sit and gos. They say there are 2 and 3 table sit and gos but as of yet only 3 table ones are running. Prizes are 1st 30% 2nd 25% 3rd 20% 4th 15% and 5th 10%. So far these are only $20 and $30 tourneys.

Those are the major details, below is their explanation of the new update.

Bad Beat Jackpots
Nothing can be bigger or better than winning a jackpot! And it becomes double the fun and rewards when you can hit the big jackpot at

We are launching our Beta Testing of Bad Beat Jackpot tables and to thank you for helping to test these jackpots is seeding the jackpot at $5,000! The Bad Beat Jackpot tables are available under the Bad Beat Jackpot Tab in the lobby. Each time the jackpot is hit the house will reset the Jackpot value back to $5000. Please send in your comments and suggestions to

Click here for more details

Sit & Go Multi-Table Tournaments
We are adding more to our Single Table tournaments, but firstly Single Table Tournaments are being renamed as Sit & Go Tournaments as we have also added 2-table and 3-table Sit & Go Tournaments.

Sit & Go Multi-Table tournaments are available under the Sit & Go Tab in the lobby.

Click here for more details on the payoff structure and level timings for Sit & Go Multi-Table.

Late Registration
The Late registration feature allows a player to join in a Tournament even after it has started. Late registration will be offered in all our regular tournaments. Late registration in a tournament will close when one of the following events occur:

♠ One (1) Player gets eliminated from the tournament.
♠ 1st level in the tournament is completed.
♠ All tables are filled up and no empty seats left.

A Registered player can un-register from the tournament only 15 minutes before the tournament start time.

Click here for more details

Life lines
The feature of waiting for additional time for an invested player to make a selection if he is disconnected is termed as a Life Line.

On certain types of tables (All tournaments and some specifically marked ring game tables) normal Disconnection Protection feature will not be available.

On these tables, when a player who is invested in the current pot and gets disconnected, the system will wait for additional time for the player to reconnect and make a selection. The amount of time for the additional wait depends on current pot size:

♣ No time added if Pot size is up to 5*X
♣ 30 seconds if the pot is more than 5*X and upto 20*X
♣ 60 seconds if the pot is more than 20*X and upto 40*X
♣ 120 seconds if the pot is more than 40*X and upto 80*X
♣ 240 seconds if the pot is more than 80*X

X is the big blind Amount if its a Flop game or lower limit of the stakes for 7 Card Stud games.

For tournaments, this big blind amount or lower limit of the stakes would be based on the level of the tournament at the time of the disconnection.

System will wait for additional time only if the current player who gets disconnected is

a) Invested in the pot and
b) His current options does not contain Check option.

If the current player who gets disconnected does have the Check option available in the option set, then system will automatically invoke the Check option for him without waiting for the additional time.

Click here for more details Million IV Semi-finals - Changes in registration process.
Semi-Final tournaments are now available in the lobby for registration under Party Poker Million Tab. Players can register for a semi-final tournament of his choice by selecting the tournament and clicking on the Register Button. After successful registration, players will get a pop-up to distribute their Extra Starting Chips. Players can also directly buy into the Semi-Final tournaments.
My inside sources tell me that the tentative jackpot game drop will be an additional $0.50 on top of the normal rake. Bear in mind this is only tentative and is completely subject to change once sufficient data has been collected from the beta-test period.

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