Mahajarah Club: Screwed me out of $250


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Jul 21, 2006
New England
Hey all,

First post for me. Wish it could come under better circumstances :(

I deposited on July 17th to Mahajarah Club Casino,2 days before US residents were banned from the site (speculation is that this was done because of the gambling CEO arrests last week in the USA, but it might have been because CasinoBonusWhores signed up a few days ago as an affilate), cleared the $250 bonus on the 17th, and ended up at exactly $500 for +250 (the exact amount of the bonus -- the deposit was $250 as well). Had to wager a lot obviously to clear the bonus, but I definitely deposited more than the correct amount.

So flash forward to yesterday. My account is now banned, being a US resident, but they have "manually processed my withdrawal." Ok, no biggie, and the amount hit my Neteller today. But the withdrawal is only for $250, the amount of my deposit. WTF!

If they are going to try to pretend like banning US residents was their plan from the start, then that is ridiculous, as they even have a US support phone number! If they got scared this week when the other CEOs got arrested, then they certainly have an obligation to the players who signed up and risked their money before they changed their terms to restrict certain countries.

I can honestly say that had I lost my $250 deposit, I would not be expecting a refund because of this sudden change in policy. And I sincerely doubt that Maharajah Club is refunding money to US residents who lost their shirts in the last week on the site.

From what I've heard, the Maharajah brand (I think they operate land based casinos of high quality) is a good one, so I'm still holding out a little bit of hope that their manager will be willing to work with me, but thus far I have not received any email response back from him/her (and the phone/generic support people I contact work for WebDollar, which runs the software for multiple casinos and doesnt have any control over authorizing withdrawals). So there's really no other way/no other person to contact, but I am still waiting on a response 24 hours after my initial email.

Here is the email I sent to

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is xxx xxxxxxx. I opened an account with your site several days ago and deposited $250. I enjoyed your software a great deal, thus I was saddened to see that my account was locked, and that American players were no longer welcome at the casino. This is a decision I can respect given the uncertain legality of gambling in the United States in the moment. Nonetheless, I am disappointed not to be able to play at your site in the future.

After receiving notice that my account was frozen through a pop-up message upon logging in, I called the phone number for your casino's support and spoke to a pleasant lady named Frances. I told her about the error message upon logging in, and after hearing that I would not be able to play any more on the site, I asked her about the status of the withdrawal I had requested on July 18th. Frances told me that the withdrawal had first been declined, and then "manually processed" (I am not quite sure what that means). However, she told me the amount of the withdrawal was only $250, which was the same amount as my deposit! I had wagered several thousand dollars at your site and, with a bonus I had earned, ended up at the site with exactly $500. I can confirm that a withdrawal reached my Neteller account for $250, not $500.

As you surely are aware, when I signed up for your site and deposited, there were absolutely no restrictions on United States players depositing and wagering. Thus, the amounts I risked and the amount I ended up with were most certainly valid, no? Had I lost my $250 deposit, I would not be expecting you to pay me the amount I lost back. But I surely would expect the casino to pay me any winnings I earned before it changed its policy as well! Even if the policy change was completely understandable.

Anyway, after speaking with Frances I am fully confident that your support staff is willing to work with me here to make sure that I end up receiving the full amount, and I certainly respect your site's integrity to this end. And more than anything else, again, I am very disappointed to have lost the ability to play in your casino because of my country of origin, but I certainly respect your management's decision to disallow American players. Thank you for your assistance and willingness to sort this all out. Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to speak on the phone rather than by email.




This is my first time encountering a site before that didn't pay its players what it won (mainly because I actively scour the blacklists/rogue casino lists before I deposit anywhere), so I don't really know what to do next. Thoughts?
Hmm, this concerns me a little bit. I played on the 10th and got my balance up to around $1500. I'm still waiting on my PIN. I wonder if I should take it as a good sign or a really bad one that I haven't been sent my deposit back or received any e-mails. I didn't even know they banned Americanos.
mahajarah problems

jsp377 have you successfully received your full cashout in neteller?

my friend is going through the same problems as millertime at this casino. He registered, deposited, and cleared the bonus two week ago before americans were banned. upon clearing the bonus (finished w/ 437) he cashout. However, only his original $250 deposit appeared in neteller. his account was also locked (presumably because of the ban) w/ a forwarding number to webdollar. He's sent an email to the casino asking what's happened but has not heard anything back as of yet.

This makes me nervous because I played over two weeks ago and am still waiting for my pin # to withdraw the 812 i have in my account. I've taken numerous screenshot. I hope that will help. Millertime if you hear anything please let us know!
Just speculating. Jsp377 last played on the 10th and he was paid his full withdrawal of $1500 while both millertime and dapokerninja could have last played several days after the 10th. It does seem to me that they might have set a cut-off date where people who played after this particular date will have all their play voided and deposits returned. The other possibility is that they didnt even notice that jsp377 was from America as he was never notified that americans were banned while the other 2 were.

Whatever has happened, however, players should be able to cash in their final balance prior to the announcement of the banning of americans and they must not confiscate winnings retrospectively. Banning simply means you are not welcome at the casino anymore but it doesnt mean you leave it without your winnings which were legitimate when you wagered.
Millertime, Im so sorry to hear of your situtation. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was by your letter to the casino, anyone who writes a "letter of concern" in such a professional and courtious manner will surely get a good response back - the best to you!
Well, that post was made before I got the money into NT. Sure enough, my account was locked and my money not handed over. But I e-mailed WebDollar telling them of my plight, and my money was in my NETeller account the next day. Try going through the payment processor.

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