MagicOasis Casino Blacklisting players



Last week I played at Magicoasis casino. I put in $1000 and wagered well over the required minimum to recieve their promotion. Today I recieved an email, as did many others, saying that our accounts have been suspended and that we were on the Online Casino Managers blacklist and would have to forfiet our winnings. As of today, I have yet to have any other problems with any other casinos and have not been informed of being blacklisted by any other casinos. How can they get away with this and why would they do this?
Why would they do this???? So they don't have to pay all the so-called 'bonus abusers'.

How can they get away with this??? If they are smart, they will eventually pay up and move on. If they don't, they'll be in worse trouble. I doubt one bad promo can sink them, but who knows but them!!!???
Dear all,

This casino is going on the not recommended list here at Casinomeister until this has been ironed out.


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