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Feb 4, 2007
Hello everyone!

Since I'm new here to the forum I would first like to say what an great community/info site it seems to be!

Over to the dark story about Magic Trump...
To start with I had no idea that Magic Trump was blacklisted/rogue I just fell for the f* bonus, shame on me.

I started playing and saw that the wager I had to clear was about $4,600, (have at this time wagerd about $15,000) that felt like a mission impossible just that but I manged to clear it and got some $$$ in the account, great!! So I felt it's time to make a withdrawl, I choose the withdrawl function and entered the sum $5,000, thats alot of money for me! No problem to choose the withdrawl and it showed as "Amount pending for Cash-Out: $5,000".
On their page it says that it can take about 2-5 days (I use Moneybookers).

Time passed and I started to get worried, then one day I was going to login and see if tere was any news in the cash-out page, when i tried to login i got this error: "We are sorry, there was a problem logging you into the casino. Please contact support.".
I directly mailed them, and mailed, and mailed, and got no, no, no, no, no answear... This I felt was strange since I mailed them when I started the account about a wagering question and got a answear in 6h or something...

I searched for info if anyone ealse had experinced a simular problem. And then I found the blacklisted page!!!

So my question is if there is a chance in hell that I will get any money?
Have anyone got their money form Magic Trump or Lucky Trump!?

In my mind I had already started to plan what I could buy for this money and now I guess I could by a lollypop to cheer me up!

Not only are they rogue, but they are fantastic spammers. They catch people who have no idea of these forums, and make grand bonus promises that they really have no intention of paying out on.

NEVER join direct from an E-mail without some independent research. Simply typing the casino name in a search engine can help, but you also have to look further down for the REAL truth, as many of these sites also spam search engines to hide any bad information.

I came within a whisker of being screwed over by Crystal Palace, but I got a gut feeling and checked their "safebet" logo, and this is how they were exposed to me. After this, I found Casinomeister, where it became clear that there are many bad casinos, but also some really good ones. I learned about how rogue groups operated, and became familiar with how terms and conditions worked, and how to fight back if wronged.

Casinomeister has a rule, only one PAB (Pitch a bitch) is allowed for a non-accredited casino, but after this you are supposed to learn your lesson, and a second PAB has to be an accredited site.
@jokke. VWM has said it; dont hang your hopes too high, but pitch a bitch , and see what happens. If anyone can help you in this case, then its Casinomeister.

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