Magic Oasis Casino is a scam SCAM ALERT



Since they do not want to respond. I suggest we take this battle one step further.

Who is the E cash company?

Are they licensed?
I wonder if AOL knows they are using their service to perform customer service for Gambling in the United States.

lets now contact RTG and tell them they need to make sure these players get paid or face the wrath of some pissed off players.

They will not respond. Only Tony at windows has done this. Yep, that whole blacklist thing was his idea anyway.

the hell with them all. It is time to slam the door on this scam..... Spread the word.. Everyone you know, every board you post at.


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It's somehow connected with good ol' Surefire.
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RIP Brian
All the more reason for them to be interested in the highly suspicious practices of a casino with which they do business.
Costa Rican based which means that they have no real online gambling licence despite the claims they make on the site.

Other claims which are nebulous to say the least include one that they have between 102 and 112 download games, when the onsite download gambling suite is the standard Real Time Gaming suite of 12 games which they seem to sub-licence through Windows Casino.

We are not certain that RTG software is 32 bit. About high / middle range percentage payouts according to the current PWC listing but there is a discrepancy there too - on the site they claim 97.8 pc but in the media release they claim 98.6pc.

And of course there are all those complaints...can so many gamblers be wrong?


RIP Brian
I have drawn the attention of Diane Foster at RTG to this furore in case she has not already identified it as an escalating problem.

Despite RTG's stated policy of not getting involved as they are only a software supplier I think we will have some behind-the-scenes activity going on as I am sure RTG don't relish the idea of catching flak as a result of Avi and Tony's actions.

The AOL attack point sounds like a good one...