Magento follow up email


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Apr 9, 2014
It is obvious that we will be very happy and feel being concerned when we send an email and are replied immediately. <snip> Magento follow up email[/URL] is a powerful auto-responder and customer relationship tool that will keep you close in touch with your clients by sending auto – email.

With the help of the module, you can insert coupons, purchased products, pictures, tracking codes, restore cart links into follow-ups and define conditions to send emails (customer group, sale amount, product category, subscription status, etc.).
You can also analyze the efficiency of your follow-ups by tracking customers who placed orders or not after clicking on the emailed link.

1. Automatically send FUE (Follow Up Email) within minutes of abandoned cart. Customer can restore cart with just 1 click.
2. Send out multiple FUE’s for different events on your schedule and cancel pending emails if your conditions are met Up-sell related products automatically
3. Automatically ask for a review after set # of days Send ‘admin only’ notification emails for specific events
4. Send out multiple FUEs after customer registration