Maestro Poker expelled from iPoker network


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

Rakeback violations cited for exclusion move

When online poker provider Playtech recently warned its iPoker network sites against rakeback deals (see previous InfoPowa report) it meant business, it appears. This week the network announced the removal of Maestro Poker "....due to rakeback violations, which are against the iPoker network policy."

Tain and iPoker, which now claim to be the largest European based poker network, said that the Maestro Poker skin was offering rakeback deals to affiliates and players in violation of the iPoker Network policy, and as a result a decision was made to remove the site from the iPoker Network.

"iPoker is making major efforts to fight rakeback on all its forms," said a company spokesman. "The actions iPoker has recently taken in order to stop rakeback include multiple fines against violating card rooms as well as this recent termination of Maestro Poker. As a result of the many rakeback cases found in recent months, iPoker now has a "zero tolerance" towards rakeback and rooms violating the network policy may face significant fines as well as termination from the iPoker Network."

The iPoker Network includes some of the most popular card rooms in Europe, such as Titan Poker, Bet365, Expekt, Paddy Power and others. According to iPoker currently averages over 4 300 real cash table players with daily peaks of well over 8 000 concurrent real cash table players, and is growing faster than any of the other leading card rooms.

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