Mad Mad Mad , bonus suck


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Apr 20, 2003
:( I blame my self, for not paying attention. depoist 200 at inetbetcasino work it up to 750, cash out was in neteller account less than 30min, got up this morning and depoist at phoenican casino, once again they gave me a bonus, with me asking for one or adding that coupon. work it up to 1600, found out i could not cash out had over 5000 to play thru. God mad. I tell u right now f@$@# a bonus.

This is the 4 or 5 time this happen to me dealing with phoenican casino, they love to give that bonus . I ask them to not give me a bonus, but next time i will make sure i will not get one or ask for my money back.

just had to let some steam off.

phonenican casino is a good casino, they still in my top 5, but i still have to take my hat off to inetbet casino, never never no crap
Wow thats very impressive. Im curious to know what game your playing and what system your using to get results like that. thanks :thumbsup:

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