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Sep 22, 2020
Hello guys! I am new member of this forum, but want to know opinion about this casino.
Like 5 days ago i register here, because i saw a high grade on casinomeister and won some amount of money. then verification began, and today I was informed that I was verified. I went to the withdrawal window, and saw that there is only a bank withdrawal, and which does not work as expected. You need to have some kind of account, but does not allow you to create an account. Interesting thing, before verification, i could withdraw on my card. Support said that is bug, and this problem will be referred to the IT department, but no deadline was given. It seems a little bit shady for me. What do you think?
Anyways, i wish all of you good luck guys, be strong!):cheers:
LVbet - recipient of Best Customer Support 2019 at Casinomeister
@dionysus yeah bro, i saw it before making deposit to this casino, thanks anyway ^^
just want to hear some feedback from forum ppl
NP; theyre a helpful bunch, I imagine youll get some feedback :thumbsup:
LVBet is one of my go-to casinos. Verification is quick and withdrawals always processed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend. I would not say they are "shady" at all.

Not a "huge" fan of the LVWheel reward system, but still better than a lot of casinos that do not reward their players.

Occasionally an LVClub bonus offer, which are greatly appreciated :)
Couldnt have said it better. I stopped playing there when blueprint started blocking dangerous canadians. I decided to still give them a shot recently to realize they also blocked gamomat for us. What choice did I make? I dont even remember but I made sure not to play their 94% png or even worst... 92% gonzo megafail.

That being said, honest team overall. They wont ever try to trick you with dumb excuses or become incompetent if you make a profit. Their mainstream bonuses are very very bad. BUT! When the loyalty team gives you something, its the exact opposite. Like 100% bonus with 5x wager and bonus funds played first. So if you loose bonus balance, bonus is canceled and you are left with your intial deposit. Try to find that somewhere else ;)

They offer etransfer deposits even if you registered in euros. Only ones doing that is kindred and bml.

Site is very laggy for me on mobile and pc. More disconnections than you could ever imagine. Its unfortunate.
Overall still very good.
LVbet - recipient of Best Customer Support 2019 at Casinomeister

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