Lvbet casino - why do they charge for withdrawals?

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Hiya @sattty - We charge 5€ fee on your second withdrawal within a week. A withdrawal can take up to 3 business days but usually they are processed instantly. If you are still waiting for your withdrawal please send me a pm with your username.


Cashout Tuesday....still pending as of Friday morning ....I think the words fast cashouts should be deleted from there review 😂
Its stupid. We pay as consumers for any transaction fee's upon deposit. But when hitting withdrawl we are faced with additional costs.

A normal casino shoud'nt charge or put costs on deposit in the first place. 50 euro deposit should be 50 euro on balance. 1000 euro withdrawl should be 1000 euro and not 995. They are simply sqeezing out maximum profit from all sides.
Even worse when you pay for a cashout on Tuesday that's still pending on paid quicker in the late 1990s ...and they are accredited 😂
This has zero to nothing todo with withdrawl processing or anything. Its just a stalling tactic because they know there are some players who would spunk it. Technically it would be a profit for the casino if that happens.

I know casino's that have virtually no limit on the amount you withdrawl and it's processed within 24 hours. I dont get it why people just stick to good brands that have made their reputation over the years from various sources, and not because of some forum catches affiliate revenue from it.
Simply stay far away from any casino that charges fees for cashouts. It's the same as if you just got paid from work and are going to pick a shiny cashpoint that charges you 2.99 for your cashout instead of using similar ones nearby that allow you to withdraw your money for free. Their 1st free cashout is a marketing trick.
My cashout got approved earlier today. 48 hour+ wait is terrible. Not planning on depositing here for a long time after this mess. :/
LVbet - recipient of Best Customer Support 2019 at Casinomeister

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