Ludicrous spam: Magic Jackpot


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Mar 10, 2005
I am getting bucket loads of spam from these cowboys EVERY DAY!

Guess what - unsubscribe links don't work.


Guys...*and gals ;)*

99.99% of the time, this is a fake landing page for a rogue affiliate, and NOT the real name of the casino. To actually figure out which casino the affiliate is spamming, you'll need to download the casino software from the link on the landing page, and run it.

Trust me, it's not a virus. I've ran these numerous times, and most of the time, it's for 21Magic. Here recently, there's been a number of different ones though.....

Moral of the story, if the "casino" page is nothing but links to the software download, be 100% certain that it's a rogue affiliate (or an advertising company hired by the casino....hmmm...) sending you this spam.

reference for this particular affiliate:
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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Losing the fight?

Seems players are losing the fight against this.

With rogue casinos, nothing can be done, as they don't care.

When it happens with the reputable ones, they must be made to change by whatever means necessary. Without this, rogue casinos benefit from the fact that reputable casinos also use spam, and spamming itself is not enough to show the difference.
Reputable casinos could also find themselves tarnished with the rogue brush, as if it is considered that only rogues spam by people, they will say that ANY casino that uses spam must therefore be roguish in nature.

Given that these spams seem to concentrate on a small selection of possible casinos, it seems that casinos DO know more about this than they are letting on. This can be either turning a blind eye because it gives them an advantage, or deliberately hiring spamming firms to conduct these campaigns on their behalf and then having deniability when they are challenged. (Remember Fortune Lounge and Driftwood bay - both their player mailers and the spam came from pretty much the same place in Belize, and this coincided with their total inability to do the "bleedin' obvious" and yank the spammers affiliate account - they claimed it was a rogue affiliate at the time).
I STRONGLY suspect this very same "game" is being played by other casinos involved in spam where it seems unduly difficult to also "yank the affiliates account", and this may be why these campaigns seem to target one casino for a month or so, then simply go away to be replaced by another (fixed contract "media buy" by the offending casino for a period of spam).


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Nov 25, 2004
Keep getting this same spam multiple times daily too. Some of the more reputable groups addressed my concerns after complaining to affiliate managers, but this route is hardly an option here.

I keep sending out abuse reports to the network admins where these emails *seem* to be originating.

Probably wasting my time though.


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