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May 13, 2015
Hey Folks,
long time no talk. i have been putting in a few hours at this casino that is a small but fast and professional set up. i have over 30 wins within a 6 week time period. The support is fast and courteous. The payouts are very quick and no BS! The start up can be a bit off IF you do not have your docs all in a row? The slots are fast and responsive.The only real problems that I have encountered is the lack of really big wins. Most of mine have been from the minimum cash out amount of $50.00 USD to $1800.00 USD. they have several progressives that are a bit touchy. But it is my experience that the more you play the more you win? Or lose! That is why they call it gambling I would guess? I have never tried to see if anyone here has done any gaming at this casino? But I feel maybe they deserve a chance? And after all it is up to them to screw things up!

The payouts are only on week days and never on week-ends or holidays.This is pretty much standard fair for most online play. They do process your redemption or approve it very rapidly on the week-ends also. They just do not payout except on week days.

I started on FB but I think they are part of a 3 casino group? Not sure but it is a great little play if your looking for a new casino to explore? I do not know if I'am doing this correctly? But I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm not? The support is based out of California.... So folks give them a shot if you wish or just go and take a look! Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff

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