Be Aware Luckyland Slots non-payments and won't discuss player complaints.


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
A player reported that they had provided with all requested documentation but the casino had simply ignored their requests for a withdrawal. The player ended up playing their winnings away but later managed to build up their balance and again requested a withdrawal. Again the casino ignored their withdrawal requests. The casino also ignored the player's attempts to raise a dispute regarding the attempted withdrawals.

We took the case to the casino and they refused to discuss it for "the player's security". Aside from that fact that there was no reason or justification given for this we asked if they would proceed after the player gave them explicit permission to discuss the case with us. They repeatedly replied:
As part of our security and privacy procedures, we will only discuss details of a user's concern with the account owner.

There is no justification for the casino to refuse to discuss a player's case with us, especially after a player has repeated tried to raise the issue with the casino directly. We are certified arbitrators, have been handling player complaints like this for almost 20 years and our complaints service is well known throughout the industry. Where the player is willing to give them explicit permission to discuss the case with us there should be no further barriers to doing so.

The casino is of course free to chose not to talk to us about player complaints, but it has nothing to do with "security and privacy" and everything to do with avoiding being accountable for their actions against their players.

Be Aware: Luckyland Slots is ignoring player withdrawal requests and refusing to discuss player complaints. Players are advised to avoid this casino.