luckyhog casino? anyone tried?


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Mar 5, 2007
beverly hills
Has anyone tried this casino yet? [lucky] Looks like they have decent sign up bonuses (ipod giveaway, free gift, etc.), but I haven't signed up yet. anyone tried it?
Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole personally. Private whois registration is always suspicious IMO. If the owners of a casino can't be transparent, they must have something to hide, or they are simply an affiliate white-labelling. Plus it was only set up in October 2006. Plus there is no "about" information on the site.

But from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, I do love the template design :thumbsup:

EDIT: Yes its a white label/skin. Stay Home Casino, Dime Line (!) and various others are identical in everything except graphic design with domains routed thru "WWPROCESSING.NET", in turn owned by "Digital Gaming Network" (in Curacao who acquired Dobrosoft recently).
Somewhat suspicios first post I must say...

yaaah...???!!! . Lets see the meister smell that one.

ok: No not tried. And never will.
Thanks for the offer, i got an ipod, i have free gifts and dont need money :)eek2: :D )
And as a member of this worshipful forum we do our googeling and whoising before depositing.
And we even read the t and c.s
And i go for a Simmo! birthday pint now.:p
Just a heads up, I no longer accept PABs for Futurebet sites, so you are playing at your own peril.

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